A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder — Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

Episode 3 of A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder starts with Pip telling her friends that she wants to attend a high school calamity party. Zach and Connor tell Pip that these parties were highly exclusive and were ‘invite only’ which would make it impossible for them to attend. Pip lies to her friends, stating how dearly she wants to attend a calamity party before graduating high school.

Cara, Lauren and Pip try to find any information about the party from their classmates. The girls conclude that there was a party that weekend and Pip talks to a popular guy from her class to find out the location of the party. She pretends to help him with his phone and learns the location of the party in code. After Elliot’s class that day, Pip and Naomi try to decode the party location “Black Banana Bears”.

Elliot helps the two figure out where the party is going to take place. Later that evening, Pip tells Ravi about the party and asks if he would like to join them. Ravi tells Pip that he can’t make it due to the way the people of Little Kilton treat him after Sal is accused of killing Andie. He asks Pip to be careful before trying to talk to the drug dealer.

Later that weekend, Cara gets Pip dressed for the calamity party and her parents ask Pip to be careful about trying out any type of alcohol or drugs there. Pip tries to look for the drug dealer Max had told her about and she finds herself stuck playing a game with the attendees. Pip notices the boy, Dylan using drugs and decides to go through with it.

In private, Pip asks Dylan if he knows about the drug dealer and asks him to take her there. Dylan takes Pip to Howie and the latter goes to Howie’s secret hiding spot. Pip asks Howie about Andie and learns that Andie often purchased Weed, Ketamine and Rohypnol for her clients. Pip is shocked when she realises that Rohypnol is a rape drug and asks more about Andie’s involvement.

Howie mentions that Andie often kept her drugs and burner phone hidden in a soft toy. Pip asks Howie if he was involved in Andie’s murder but Howie’s response scares Pip off. She runs out but finds Dylan trying to kiss her forcefully. She asks Dylan to stop but is saved when a girl shows up to save her. The girl tells Pip that she should try to be safe as the calamity parties are known for all the bad things.

Pip is traumatised by the incident and goes back home without telling her friends. She sleeps in her little brother Josh’s bed that night. Ravi calls Pip and checks up on her and apologises for not joining her at the party. Pip gets a threatening message via text asking her to stop investigating the case.

The next morning, Pip is on her way to meet Ravi when she runs into Becca Bell. Becca asks why Pip was trying to investigate the case and leaves. Pip wonders how both Ravi and Becca had lost their siblings but had different approaches to the incident. Pip lies to Ravi and asks for a rain check for their meeting. Cara asks Pip if she is okay as she left the party without informing them.

Pip tells Cara that she went to the party to look for a suspect but reveals how clueless she feels about the case. That day, Pip is in her room when her mother asks her about the party. She asks Pip to stop involving the family of the deceased in her project and tells her that she should find a new topic to work on for her EPQ Project.

Determined to find the truth, Pip changes her mind and adds more details about Howie and the kind of drugs he sold to Andie on the murder board. She texts Ravi and asks him to meet her the following day. The next morning, Pip tells Ravi about the burner phone and the drugs that Andie was hiding in her room. She states that she will be sneaking inside the Bell house and would look for the phone.

Ravi tells Pip that he cannot join her in her mission as he is connected to the Bell family via Sal. He adds that he’d be on the lookout for her as he does not want to raise suspicions due to his race. Pip sneaks inside the house and finds the soft toys in which Andie had hidden the drugs but there is no sign of a burner phone. Ravi tries to warn about Becca who has returned home but she does not see her phone.

Ravi sneaks inside the house and the two hide inside Andie’s closet. Becca leaves the room when she hears a bell. Pip and Ravi try to exit the Bell house by climbing down a pipe as Becca talks to Dan Da Silva. The episode ends with Pippa driving off in her car as Dan watches her.

The Episode Review

Whew, this one was quite intense right from the start to the finish. Granted that the makers have made big changes to the screenplay for the show to make it fit the 6-episode limit but I wish they retained most of the characters from the novel. Contrastingly, a pleasant surprise lies in the fact that Pip’s mother – Leanne is a lot more involved in her life and she is trying to make sure Pip is safe.

I wish we could see more of the fun bond Pip shares with Victor, her step-father and some more about how she connected with Sal when she was little as that is what prompted her to solve the case. From the way this episode ended, Dan should be Number 1 on Pip’s suspect list while Howie looks harmless at this point.

There clearly should be more to the fact that Howie was selling rape drugs at a high school party and I hope our characters do not end up in any trouble that would scar them forever.

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