A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder – Episode 2 Recap & Review

Episode 2

Episode 2 of A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder starts with Pip interviewing Emma Hutton – one of Andie’s best friends. During the interview, Emma answers questions about Andie and Sal’s relationship in the most generic way. Pip asks if the two had any relationship troubles to which Emma states that Andie and Sal never fought. Pip mentions the fight between Andie and Ravi via text which triggers Emma.

Emma tells Pip that she knows her late best friend and asks Pip to never contact her again. Later that day, Pip is in her room when Leanne shows up there. Leanne requests Pip to never interview the Bell family as they were grieving the loss of their daughter. Pip also tells her mother that she was looking at potential colleges she would attend after graduating high school. She gets a text back from Ravi and they decide to meet up.

Pip tells Ravi all about her failed interview with Emma and mentions Andie’s other best friend – Nat Da Silva. Ravi states that Nat had been infamous after one of her nude photos was leaked a few months before Andie’s disappearance. Later that evening, Pip goes to Cara’s house and apologises to her for talking to Naomi about the incident.

Cara states that since the death of their mother, Naomi has been depressed which was amplified due to her best friend – Sal’s death. Pip promises to keep Naomi out of her investigation and asks Cara about Nat’s nude photo. Naomi overhears the conversation and tells Pip that Nat is not someone she should mess with.

Cara mentions that she is competing against Naomi in an upcoming Tennis doubles match later that week. Just then, Elliot shows up at home after his tutoring. A few days later, Pip and her friends attend Naomi’s tennis match against Nat. Nat is angry after her loss as she goes to the dressing room. Pip follows Nat and tries to talk to her about Andie’s life and her relationship with Sal.

Nat reveals that Andie was having sex with someone new but does not elaborate further. She asks Pip to stop digging into the case which makes her even more curious. Nat’s older brother – Dan picks her up after the game and Pip realises that he is the guy who asked her to stop investigating the case at the Hastings’ party. Pip ignores Dan as he stares at her and makes it back home.

Later that night, Pip gets ready for a group picnic in the forest with her friends – Lauren, Cara, Zach and Connor. Before meeting her friends, Pip meets Ravi and tells her about her conversation with Nat. Pip and Ravi text Emma, pretending to be Nat and talk to her about Andie’s love life. Emma mentions a secret older guy that makes Pip and Ravi curious.

Pip’s friends meet her and watch as she drops Ravi off. Pip and her friends spend the evening swimming in the lake and eventually set up a tent in the forest. The boys try to prank Pip by playing a game to summon Andie’s spirit but it all fails when Pip gets upset. Later that night, Pip, Cara and Lauren leave the tent to pee when they discuss the fact that Cara has a crush on a girl named Ruby.

Pip is upset that Cara told Lauren about Ruby first but they make it back to the tent. On their way to the tent, the girls notice a man walking with a torch. Pip runs after him but trips and gets lost in the woods until Cara finds her. The girls make it back to the tent and the boys promise to wait outside to keep a watch. Under her pillow, Pip finds which reads “Stop Digging Pippa”.

Pip is terrified after seeing the note but does not tell anyone about it. The next morning, Cara tells Pip that she is still closer to her than Lauren and promises that nothing will change between them. As Cara goes home, Pip notices Max and Emma talking in his car. Pip wonders who the sender of the note could be and adds the Da Silva siblings to the list of suspects.

That day, Ravi shows up at Pip’s house and the two go over the murder board. Ravi talks to Pip about Dan and they two wonder if Dan was the secret older guy Andie was hooking up with. The two also use Andie’s social media feed to determine that Nat had a fallout with Andie and Emma after her nudes were leaked. Pip wonders if Nat had killed Andie because she leaked the photos and texts Nat as Emma, asking her to hang out.

That night, Pip and Ravi meet Nat and talk to her about Andie’s life. Nat mentions that Andie had gotten secretive with her and Emma. She also adds that Andie was involved with Max Hastings which leaves Pip to wonder if Max is the secret older guy. That night, Ravi goes back home and Pip decides to visit the Hastings’ house by herself.

Max’s father asks Pip to go to Max’s room but Pip notices that Max is in the restroom. She inspects the room and finds a photo of Andie in a bikini by Max’s bed. Max shows up in the room just as Pip is snapping a photo of Andie’s nude pic on her phone. She asks him about the photo and learns that Max found the photo in a classroom at school.

Pip asks Max if he knew what Andie and Ravi were fighting about in 2019 before her disappearance. Max tells Pip that Sal had learned about Andie working for a drug dealer. He adds that he was one of her customers and mentions that Sal wanted her to stop dealing as he hated drugs. Pip wonders where she could find the drug dealer that Andie worked for and learns about the high school “calamity” party as the episode ends.

The Episode Review

As complicated as the story is, I am enjoying the progress so far. This episode has a lot of changes as compared to the novel but they are all seemingly for the better. Max is a lot more sinister on the show and it is crazy how Pip decided to visit him in the middle of the night instead of going to his house in the daytime like Novel Pip did.

Now that Pip and Ravi are onto the Da Silva siblings and the way he looked at her while picking Nat up from her tennis match, we can assume that it was Dan who left the note under Pip’s pillow. However, a point of contention is how Dan knew which pillow belonged to Pip which causes more confusion about the identity of the person threatening Pip. We will see how the story unfolds in the episodes to come.

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