A Good Day To Be A Dog – K-drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

Episode 6

Episode 6 of A Good Day To Be A Dog starts with Seo-won grabbing Hae-na by the shoulder, assuming she is Yul. However, he is too drowsy to notice her and asks Yul (Hae-na) to run some errands for him. Hae-na manages to sneak out of the house somehow and goes back home.

After she leaves, Seo-won runs into Yul who is out in the living room looking for Hae-na. Seo-won notices something fishy about Yul’s behaviour but does not make much of it. That day, Seo-won asks Hae-na out for lunch and the two chat about the recent bullying incident at school.

Hae-na tries to understand Seo-won’s sleeping pattern and is disappointed to learn that he locks his bedroom door because he is afraid of Cocoa. Seo-won tells Hae-na that Cocoa is a cute dog which makes Hae-na blush. A new student named Ji-ah joins Garam High School and reveals that she’s a shaman in the making.

A flashback shows Ji-ah entangled with Seo-won from the past. Present-day, Ji-ah tells Yul that he is going to be put in a tough situation because of a dog, leaving him confused. Seo-won and Bo-kyeom are taking a walk around school during the break when they spot Joon-seo, Yul’s friend and Cocoa’s owner.

Seo-won tells Joon-seo that Cocoa snores in her sleep which leaves the student confused. Bo-kyeom asks about Cocoa and Seo-won tells him that the dog was staying over at their place for a while. Hae-na is upset with Yul for being such a heavy sleeper.

The two decide to try and break the curse that night but Yul falls asleep all over again. Hae-na leaves his room and tries to enter Seo-won’s room.

However, she finds him in the living room and tries to get him to pet her. Seo-won panics upon seeing the dog but tries to pet her. Hae-na tries her best to act coy in order to lure Seo-won into petting her but Bo-kyeom shows up all of a sudden, distracting him.

Yu-na shows up outside the house and when Yul does not answer her call. She takes Hae-na away with her but as she is leaving, Bo-kyeom finds her with the dog. Yu-na tells Bo-kyeom that she is the owner of the dog and is taking it back home. Yu-na gets Hae-na home and the next morning, Hae-na unwillingly gets ready for the school trip.

Hae-na tries to get a solo room for herself but is stuck bunking with Song-yi and Miss Yoon. Yul, however, prepares a makeshift dog house behind the hotel and asks Hae-na to use it after she turns into a dog during the trip. Hae-na sees this as the only solution and agrees to stay in the dog house during the night.

The rest of the day goes by with Seo-won and Hae-na accompanying the students at the museum visit. That night, Hae-na and Seo-won are asked to be on night watch to make sure the students don’t sneak out. She exchanges her night shift with Miss Yoon and tries to sneak out of the room. Seo-won notices someone sneaking out of the hotel and chases after her.

However, Hae-na has already turned into a dog by the time Seo-won catches up to her. The next morning, Hae-na wakes up as a human and goes to the room. Later that day, Hae-na is drowsy on the bus as the students are taken for another trip. Joon-seo tells Yul that Seo-won was talking about Cocoa an awful lot considering she was his pet in a mobile video game.

Hae-na overhears the conversation and is embarrassed. Meanwhile, three female students decide to sneak out that night to go to a night market in town. Seo-won sees Hae-na napping on a park bench and tries to shield her from the sun. Song-yi suggests that Seo-won and Bo-kyeom join her and Hae-na for a boat riding trip.

Song-yi purposely gets Hae-na to ride the boat with Bo-kyeom making Seo-won jealous. Seo-won gets upset when he sees how Bo-kyeom makes Hae-na smile. When Hae-na gets scared of a bug, Bo-kyeom grabs her hand further infuriating Seo-won.

Later that night, Hae-na asks Miss Yoon to exchange shifts with her again but Miss Yoon refuses as Seo-won was not on the night watch with her that night. Bo-kyeom and Seo-won get some coffee when Bo-kyeom states how he is sure Hae-na has feelings for him, making Seo-won further upset.

Hae-na goes to the girl’s dorm and marks attendance for her students. She notices that three students are missing and learns from Ji-ah that the students have sneaked out to go to a night market. She runs outside to find the girls. Seo-won spots her leaving the hotel and accompanies her.

The two split up and try to find the students in the market. However, Seo-won tells Hae-na that they need to work soon as it is going to be midnight. Hae-na suddenly realises her situation and tells Seo-won that she needs to go to the restroom. Seo-won tries to look for the girls when Hae-na turns into a dog all of a sudden. She keeps her clothes under a tree and goes out on the street.

Yul finds that Hae-na is not in the dog house and learns that the PE teacher is also going to the night market, to join Hae-na and Seo-won. The PE teacher finds the runaway students and takes them back to the hotel while Seo-won stays back in the market, looking for Hae-na. He grows concerned when she doesn’t answer his call.

However, an old woman picks Hae-na up off the street and confuses Hae-na as her lost pet dog. Hae-na assumes that the woman is trying to eat her and decides to free herself. She bites on the rope and flees but ends up falling into a deep ditch. Yul arrives at the night market and finds Hae-na’s belongings under the tree. He takes them with him and goes looking for Hae-na.

He finds her in the ditch but is not able to take Hae-na, who is still in dog form, out of the ditch. Yul throws the bag that contains Hae-na’s clothes and waits until the morning after to take Hae-na out of the ditch when she turns into a human.

The next morning, Hae-na wakes up as a human and gets dressed. She tries to get out of the ditch but Yul is out looking for a rope to take Hae-na out. Seo-won shows up helps take Hae-na out. Hae-na hugs him out of relief while Seo-won tends to the wound on her foot.

Seo-won carries Hae-na on his back as they leave the area. Hae-na ends up telling Seo-won that she no longer has feelings for Bo-kyeom which makes Seo-won happy. The two finally make it back to the hotel and Bo-kyeom notices how the two are getting close. Ji-ah notices Bo-kyeom and recognises him but the teacher ignores her.

The runaway students apologise to Hae-na for sneaking out and tell her that they left their wallets at the night market. Hae-na tells Seo-won that she is going to go to the market that night and asks if Seo-won wants to accompany her. She ends up finding the old woman’s lost dog and realises that the woman was not a dog-eater. She takes the dog with her and gives it to the old woman.

That night, Hae-na and Seo-won spend some fun time at the night market. However, one of Yu-na’s exes notices Hae-na and takes photos of her with Seo-won. A flashback shows Hae-na confronting her sister’s ex and scolding him for trying to film Yu-na’s transformation without her consent.

Hae-na tells him that she too had a similar condition and adds that they did not deserve to be taken advantage of. Present-day, the ex-boyfriend calls Hae-na and Yu-na monsters. The episode ends with Seo-won and Yu-na sharing a romantic moment at the night market.

The Episode Review

As fun as this show is, it looks like the actual drama is about to be stirred now as Yu-na’s ex has shown up. From the looks of it, he does not seem like the main villain but I have a feeling that he has something to do with the revelation of Hae-na’s secret to Seo-won. However, considering how mean he was to Yu-na it won’t be shocking to assume the worst. It is likely that he will expose Hae-na’s secret online and that could do a lot of damage to her family in the future.

On the other hand, I am confused about Ji-ah’s role in Bo-kyeom’s life. It is clear that she has a past connection with him and I am interested to see how that comes into play with regards to Hae-na and Seo-won’s relationship.

Meanwhile, Seo-won has been a cuddly baby this entire episode and it is so endearing to see him this way. He is so easily jealous of Hae-na and Bo-kyeom. The end of this episode sorts a lot of things for Seo-won after Hae-na finally tells him that she no longer has feelings for Bo-kyeom. I can’t wait to see their relationship blossom as the show progresses.

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