A Good Day To Be A Dog – K-drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

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Episode 4 of A Good Day To Be A Dog starts the night before the day of the wedding. Outside the mall, Seo-won tells Hae-na that Bo-kyeom was a tardy driver. He reveals that driving to the wedding with Bo-kyeom and the rest of the wedding party would cause them to arrive late. Hae-na agrees to go to the wedding with Seo-won and the latter is happy about her decision.

Meanwhile, Yul finds Seo-won studying the route to the wedding venue. Yul wonders what a novice driver like Seo-won was doing trying to drive to a location so far away. That night, Seo-won watches videos online to train himself on how he can look cool while driving the car.

At the same time, Yu-na asks Hae-na what she is going to do about the curse. The next morning, Hae-na gets ready for the wedding, ignoring Ms Yoon’s group chat request. Ms Yoon gets desperate after learning that Hae-na has decided to skip their carpool.

Worried that she’ll ride in the same car as Seo-won, she goes looking for them. Seo-won finds Hae-na in the park and uses an umbrella to shelter them from Ms Yoon. After Ms Yoon leaves, Seo-won drives Hae-na to the wedding venue.

On the drive there, Yul calls Seo-won and reveals that he is a novice driver. Hae-na is shocked by the revelation and panics on the drive to the venue.

The two somehow make it to the wedding venue just in time. Seo-won grabs Hae-na’s hand and leads her inside the elevator. He also straightens her hair clip as the two make it to the hall and finally get seated. Bo-kyeom is the host at the wedding while Seo-won performs a song for the newlywed couple. Hae-na is mesmerized by Seo-won’s singing, as are the rest of the wedding attendees.

Miss Yoon shows up at the wedding when the ceremony is almost over. She arrives at lunchtime and sits with the rest of the teachers from school. At lunch, Min-sik the groom asks Seo-won to keep the life-sized cardboard cutouts in his car so he can take them back to the city on his drive back. Seo-won agrees to do so.

Miss Yoon overhears the conversation and lies to Seo-won, stating that she needs to be dropped at the terminal due to some urgent work. Seo-won agrees to give her a lift but on the way there, Miss Yoon reveals that she will be waiting for the bus to the city for the next 2 hours.

Seo-won gets a call from Bo-kyeom who tells him that he was taking Hae-na to the beach. Seo-won is dejected by the news and agrees to drive Miss Yoon to the city instead of rushing back to the beach.

At the beach, Bo-kyeom talks to Hae-na about his love for nature and the two chat about their respective thoughts on the ocean. The two then decide to go back home and Bo-kyeom tells himself that Hae-na had given up on saving Seo-won just like she did with him in her past life.

The episode then moves to Seo-won dropping Miss Yoon at her house. He declines her request to have dinner together and goes back home. At the same time, Hae-na is at her house, looking at photos from the wedding. She looks at a text from Seo-won as he apologises for leaving her stranded. Hae-na is annoyed but doesn’t make much of it in her text back to him.

Yu-na finds Hae-na on the sofa and suggests that she should take Yul’s help to try and reverse the curse. Yu-na states that Hae-na should use Yul’s help to kiss Seo-won in his sleep and adds that she would be a human by the time Seo-won wakes up.

Hae-na is embarrassed to talk to her student about something like this but Yi-na tries to remind her that not breaking the curse would risk her life. Yu-na and Woo-taek bribe Yul and try to convince him to help Hae-na. The next day, Yul meets Hae-na in class and tells him all about the curse and about how she kissed Seo-won after being drunk.

Yul agrees to let Hae-na try to lift the curse that night. He tells Hae-na that she should just date Seo-won instead of trying all this but Hae-na argues that she her condition is too weird for anyone to date her. Yul tries to cheer Hae-na up and agrees to call her after Seo-won goes to bed that night.

After waiting hours for Seo-won to sleep, Yul sneaks Hae-na (who is in dog form) inside the house. Yu-na and Woo-taek give Yul a bag full of Hae-na’s spare clothes for her to change into after she becomes a human. Yul is sceptical about the idea but agrees to put Dog Hae-na in Seo-won’s room.

Dog Hae-na tries to kiss Seo-won in his sleep and manages to do so but to no effect. She cannot turn into a human but the kiss manages to wake Seo-won up.

Seo-won screams after seeing Dog Hae-na and tries to run out of the room. Yul manages to hold on to Seo-won and distracts him while Yu-na takes Dog Hae-na out of the room. Seo-won is confused but decides to go to bed nevertheless. The next morning, Hae-na wakes up as a human and wonders why their plan failed.

Hae-na hopes for the curse to be lifted but when she turns into a dog again, Yu-na concludes that the curse is still not lifted. Yu-na suggests that she should ask their mother about it but Hae-na is very scared to tell their mother that she activated the curse after a drunken mistake.

Hae-na also tells Yu-na that her heart was beating very fast moments before her kiss with Seo-won and wonders if this was an effect of the curse. That night, Yu-na tells Hae-na that the person who caused the curse needs to be fully alert while the kiss for the curse to be lifted.

Woo-taek, Yu-na and Hae-na discuss how the rules to break the curse were so particular, adding to their pre-existing troubles. Hae-na suggests that she could tell Seo-won about the curse to seek his help. Yu-na reminds her sister of her scumbag ex, who tries to film her when she’s about to turn into a dog.

Yu-na prohibits Hae-na from trusting any man and asks her to think of a different way to lift the curse. Woo-taek suggests that Hae-na should ask Seo-won if he is interested in trying to eradicate his fear of dogs. Hae-na thinks about the repercussions of the suggestion and wonders what its outcome will be.

The next few days pass by with little to no interaction between Hae-na and Seo-won due to exams at high school. After the exams are over, Seo-won and Hae-na finally walk to the bus stop together. At the stop, Hae-na tries to understand Seo-won’s fear of dogs better. She learns that to Seo-won, dogs are as dangerous and threatening as tigers.

Seo-won tells Hae-na that an incident that took place when he was 10 years old made him fear dogs, leading him to suffer panic attacks anytime he comes close to a dog. The next day, Hae-na offers to help Seo-won overcome his fear. She tells him that she would like to meet him after work and try to help him out.

Seo-won is ecstatic about the offer and agrees to take Hae-na’s help. However, he dreads the idea of being in contact with dogs and worries about what will happen when he comes across one. Instead of introducing him to many dogs at the same time, Hae-na asks Seo-won to look at a dog inside a shelter from the glass door.

She counts to five and waits for Seo-won to calmly wait by the door. Hae-na then takes Seo-won to the park and asks him to guess what the dogs are thinking.

After observing a few dogs, the two rest and chat. Just then, Seo-won gets scared as a large dog comes running their way. Hae-na immediately covers herself and Seo-won with a jacket to help him ignore the dog. She tells him that they are in a safe space under the jacket and tries to get him to calm down as the episode comes to an end.

The Episode Review

I am obsessed with this show but somehow the airing schedule is so messed up and I am worried that fans will soon start to lose interest in this one. The story has only started so far and it is clear that Seo-won likes Hae-na as does she.

Bo-kyeom’s part in this love triangle is confusing at this point and I am worried that he will be the one that would stop Seo-won from breaking Hae-na’s curse.

It would really be much easier for Hae-na to just tell Seo-won about the curse but it is Yu-na’s past experience with bad men that are causing her to prevent her sister from trusting other men, even if it is  Seo-won. Now as Hae-na is trying to help Seo-won overcome his fear of dogs, I am certain that the two will fall in love more organically as the episodes progress.

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