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A Girl and Her Guard Dog – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

Knives and Attacks

The events of the previous episode are continued in A Girl and Her Guard Dog Episode 9. Previously, Mikio had threatened Isaku with a knife. Following this, he threatens Isaku and then orders Keiya and Isaku to get into his vehicle.

Mikio takes Keiya and Isaku to a storage facility. Following this, he ties Keiya and threatens to rape Isaku. However, Isaku gets the better of him and kicks him in the crotch. Meanwhile, Keiya manages to free himself. He proceeds to assault Mikio. Isaku, though, begs him not to, explaining that Mikio must act in the school play.

Cut to the few moments leading up to the school play. The protagonist Mikio is missing. Suddenly, Mikio appears, right as Keiya volunteers to play Romeo. Following this, the play is suggested to carry on as originally planned.

Nevertheless, Mikio and Keiya switch roles during the play. When Keiya unexpectedly plays Romeo opposite Isaku, everyone is taken aback. This helps Isaku’s Juliet performance, and she even goes beyond the script to kiss him while they’re onstage.

The episode ends with Keiya requesting a kiss yet again. Isaku tells him that the play is over. The episode ends with Keiya kissing her hands and reciting lines from the play.

The Episode Review

In episode 9, matters appear to be precarious for both Keiya as well as Isaku as Mikio holds a knife to Isaku’s throat and Keiya is powerless to intervene. Eventually, when Mikio steps to sexually abuse Isaku, she refuses to play the part he planned for her.

This episode is just as problematic as the previous ones. It is just unsettling to witness a love story involving a minor girl and an adult man, especially one who served as a father figure to her.

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