A Girl and Her Guard Dog – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

Cheap Theatrics and Melodrama

A Girl and Her Guard Dog Episode 8 picks up where the previous episode left off. Keiya and Isaku share an intimate moment after class. Mikio, on the other hand, walks in on the two of them. Following that, he probes further to find out if the two are romantically involved. However, Isaku and Keiya insist they were just acting out a scene.

The following day, the class continues to practice for the play. For their upcoming costume rehearsal, Isaku has donned the costume of Juliet and Mikio that of Romeo. On the other hand, Keiya is portrayed as a supporting character in the play.

During the play, Mikio keeps getting on Isaku and Keiya’s nerves. He picks up on the fact that they’re passionate about each other. He seems to take pleasure in causing trouble and will stop at nothing to put obstacles in their way.

While rehearsing for the play, Isaku does a poor job. Keiya glosses over the reality of her performance. Nonetheless, Mikio tells her it as it is—how poor her performance was. Following that, he offers to stay behind and give her a hand with her practice.

The group leaves the school to return home after practice. As the episode comes to a close, Mikio places a knife on Isaku’s neck. On the other hand, Keiya is aiming his gun at Mikio.

The Episode Review

In episode 8, in preparation for the cultural festival, the class is practicing Romeo and Juliet, and Keiya gets furious at Mikio. Somebody shockingly reveals their actual colors as Isaku is having after-rehearsal practice.

As the title of the episode suggests, this episode is packed with cheap theatrics and melodrama, which is quite frankly distasteful. Nothing about the show is appropriate, whether it’s a grown-up lusting after a kid or the kid harboring romantic feelings for a father figure.

We hope things pick up. However, the show’s storyline itself is extremely problematic. We’ll have to wait and see the way the storyline unfolds moving forward.

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