A Girl & Her Guard Dog – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Tanuki And Guard Dog

A Girl and Her Guard Dog Episode 7 consists of Isaku meeting Tanuki and his grandfather for the first time. We find out that Tanuki’s grandfather and Isaku’s grandfather have been friends for a very long time. We watch Tanuki behaving in a peculiar manner towards Isaku, which prompts her instant dislike of him.

Tanuki starts attending Isaku’s school the following day. Isaku’s friends Ando and Katsuki attempt to cast Isaku and Keiya as Juliet and Romeo in a play. Tanuki, on the other hand, swoops in and assumes Romeo’s spot. In the end, this causes Keiya to feel resentful, despite his best efforts to hide it for Isaku’s sake.

Throughout the practice for the play, Isaku is doing a poor job. She asserts that she has never participated in any acting roles in the past. In addition, it appears that she has absolutely no fondness for Tanuki. However, she is making an effort to behave in a polite manner.

Because they are the class representatives, Keiya and Isaku stay behind after the practise to smooth out any issues that may have arisen. At this point, they end up practicing the play and get closer. Tanuki happens to walk in on them, and the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

Episode 7 introduces Isaku to Tanuki, the son of a family friend. Ultimately, Tanuki serves as a roadblock between Isaku and Keiya. Keiya, on the other hand, despises Tanuki, but keeps quiet because of his relative superiority.

This episode, like the ones before it, is highly inappropriate. The whole premise rests on a problematic foundation, which makes the show unpleasant to watch.

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