A Girl and Her Guard Dog – Season 1 Episode 4 “Duty and Danger” Recap & Review

Duty and Danger

A Girl and Her Guard Dog Episode 4 picks up where the previous episode left off. Isaku expresses her approval for a kiss from Keiya. When he approaches her, however, she changes her mind.

When Isaku runs away, Keiya is attacked by a mysterious man. However Keiya shoots him, and his bodyguards come to his help. Isaku returns at this point in time, worried for Keiya’s safety.

Soon after, Keiya walks in on Isaku waiting for him. She tells him to forget that she consented to him kissing her when he returns. Keiya now refrains from bringing it up out of respect for her.

In preparation for a school excursion trip, students are told to form small groups. Following this, a group lets Keiya and Isaku join them. Isaku feels incredibly thrilled to be a part of a group.

Muruyama kun makes an effort to befriend Isaku during the class trip. Keiya, however, flings a knife at him and ultimately discourages him from approaching Isaku. Even though Isaku disapproves of his actions, she chooses to overlook them.

Isaku and her roommates are later seen together in a room. They all head to the locker room because one of her roommates left her phone in there. Isaku meets Keiya during this time. As a consequence, they wind up chatting with one another. When a group of kids comes in to change, Keiya and Isaku take cover in the same washroom.

The following scene shows the students participating in beach games. Isaku learns that one of the classmates has forgotten her sunscreen and offers to lend hers instead. However, while Isaku is alone in the room, two men end up kidnapping her.

At the end of the episode, Keiya searches the beach for Isaku but has no luck. When he checks her room, he too finds no sign of her. This leads him to discover that two men were aimlessly strolling around the spot. He ends up blaming himself for her abduction, and the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

In the fourth episode, Isaku and Keiya, alongside the rest of their class, head to the beach. Isaku still can’t figure out how she feels about Keiya. During the trip, trouble appears to be at every turn.

The interaction between Isaku and Keiya evokes a sense of unease when watched. Initially, he proposed assuming the position of a parental figure. Yet, in the present timeline, their role seems to have shifted towards that of a love interest. This transformation can be characterised as peculiar, to say the least. Furthermore, the absence of appropriate boundaries between him and a 15-year-old girl contributes to the unpleasantness experienced while watching what’s going on.

The show persistently presents paedophilia in a positive manner. The age disparity between the protagonist and Keiya is cause for concern. Moreover, the anime idealises and glorifies acts of physical aggression and possessive behaviour, both of which can exert detrimental impacts on the mental and emotional development of adolescents. Moreover, the aforementioned demographic represents the intended viewership of the show.

The episodes up until this one are warped, and it’s obvious that the writers are attempting to normalise abnormalities that shouldn’t be normalised or taken lightly.

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