A Girl and Her Guard Dog – Season 1 Episode 3 “Kisses and Love” Recap & Review

Kisses and Love

In episode 3 of A Girl and Her Guard Dog, we see Keiya get a failing grade on a school test. He responds by saying that grades are not necessary for him to succeed in real life when Isaku gets upset with him for his low marks. Following this, Isaku pushes him to study for the retest and offers to teach him.

Isaku then starts tutoring Keiya in the school library not long after. Some of her classmates then approach her and ask if they can tag along. A few of Keiya’s classmates strike up conversations with him by asking if he’s dating Isaku. He replies “never,” and Isaku’s heart breaks.

The next few days, Keiya is seen preparing for the exam. He eventually achieves academic success and requests a reward from Isaku. In response to her question, he continues by saying he wants to kiss her. This leaves Isaku blushing and confused, and she refuses to kiss him. Keiya then offers Isaku a day of spending time with him as a reward for his efforts. Isaku agrees to his request.

Isaku can be seen getting ready for the day of the trip. Keiya, on the other hand, can be seen cooking for Isaku. Not long after that, Keiya and Isaku go to the zoo and have an amazing day together.

When Keiya and Isaku are heading home, he brings up his request for the kiss. He then says he’s sorry he asked her that. Isaku then tells him that a kiss between them is fine with her. At the end of the episode, she is seen approaching Keiya.

The Episode Review

This episode features Keiya’s request for a kiss from Isaku. Isaku and Keiya enjoy a day at the zoo together, during which they reflect on their shared history.

The episode is quite bizarre and unsettling. It’s incredibly disturbing and disgusting that the show centres around a pedophilic bond.

To make matters worse, the man had a parental relationship with the protagonist. Developing romantic feelings for a parent is not only pedophilic, but also incestuous.

Time and again, we see shows that romanticise mental illness, and this is one of them. The thought that this show is aimed at young, naive girls is terrifying because of the potentially detrimental impact it could have on their impressionable minds.

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