A Girl and Her Guard Dog – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Maidenly Feelings and Parental Feelings

In episode 2 of A Girl and Her Guard Dog, we first see Isaku and Keiya in their classrooms. Tamaru, a young boy, introduces himself to Isaku when Keiya uses the restroom during the break. Following this, he requests her Instagram handle and receives access to follow her.

Keiya overhears their talk while this is going on. Tamaru’s attempt to be friendly with Isaku has infuriated Keiya. When he tells Isaku to stay away from Tamaru, she asks him to back off.

We learn later that day that Isaku has a secret crush on Keiya. However, she wants to get over him and so she’s attempting to fall for anyone but him. She’s even caught sending Tamaru Instagram direct messages.

Keiya soon discovers her texting Tamaru. He attempts to grab her phone to block Tamaru, but Isaku stops him from doing so. Following this, he leaves the room. While chatting with Tamaru, he suggests that Isaku join him and his friends for an afternoon of Karaoke. Isaku gives it some thought and decides to accept his invitation.

The following day, Isaku sneaks out of her home and makes her way to the karaoke session. Eventually, all of Tamaru’s friends appear to be smoking cigarettes, drinking, and making out. Tamaru attempts to kiss Isaku, but Isaku isn’t interested. Keiya bursts in at this point and knocks Tamaru unconscious. He then takes Isaku with him.

Isaku seems to be furious at Keiya as they’re in the car together. He then tells her that he will never accept any man in her life. The episode ends when he explains that he doesn’t want any man to steal her away from him.

The Episode Review

The main plot point of the episode is Isaku making friends with Tamaru, a young boy. Her friendship with Tamaru leaves Keiya jealous and bitter.

Strangely, the show continues to portray paedophilia in a favourable light. It’s alarming that the girl is underage while the boy is an adult. Additionally, the show romanticises both physical violence and possessiveness, both of which can have profoundly negative effects on the developing minds of young people. Furthermore, this is the target audience for the show.

As a whole, the episodes up to this point are twisted, and it’s clear that the creators are trying to normalise mental illnesses that should not be normalised.

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