A Girl and an Astronaut – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap, Review & Ending Explained


Episode 6 of A Girl and an Astronaut starts this finale with Marta updating Niko on what he’s missed. They held a funeral for him and she had already paid her respects and said goodbye. It’s been a long time for her and she points out she’s married and has a kid now. “Are you happy?” Niko probes, but when he learns Bogdan is her husband, his demeanour immediately changes, calling him a piece of shit. Marta admits she needs time to collect her thoughts and decide who she’s going to choose.

What happened during the final mission?

Back in 2022, we see the final moments of Niko before he ends up in space and, eventually, the sub-hibernation. With the invisible radar working, given it’s not picking up in any country, Marta meets with Bogdan and tells him that she’s choosing Niko. When their song comes on the radio, Marta encourages him to get up and dance with her as a final goodbye.

Bogdan shows up at the command center afterwards, where he notices Niko’s capsule is offline. It’s been 6 hours and he eventually comes back online, much to the relief of everyone there. It’s here we learn that the Stealth Procedure has been a success. The second stage of the test, however, is for the hibernation to commence. All those not authorized to be in the room are forced to leave, although strangely Bogdan is allowed to be there.

Now, it turns out Niko ended up panicking while the hibernation process got underway. He smacked a whole bunch of different buttons, activating the stealth shield and making it seem like he died. As a result, Sergey demanded the officials write up a report and cover this whole operation up.

In 2052, Nadia is desperate to find the missing Niko notes. Funnily enough, she manages to find a USB stick hidden deep in the safe and uses an old laptop from the 2030’s to try and access it. It doesn’t seem to work though, which only frustrates Nadia further as she desperately searches for a cure. The thing is, JJ is actually working as a double-agent, intent on saving Nadia by handing over the USB stick to his enemies, unbeknownst to Nadia of course.

Does Niko manage to escape the authorities?

Niko waits for Karolina, who – after some warm embraces and pleasantries – confirms that Wiktor has spoken to Rewicz. SkyCom’s contract confirms their exclusive rights. Niko though is convinced they’re lying, although his old base is no longer in operation so there’s no way back there now.

Instead, Niko ends up running into Bogdan and the pair warmly embrace. Niko admits he’s had bad hallucinations and that wasn’t part of the deal originally, but Bogdan was there and saw the mission go south. Niko hugs his brother and whispers “You stole her from me.” Bogdan though chuckles incredulously and points out that Marta is his wife now and Niko needs to stop. There are Feds after him and Bogdan actually showed up to try and help. With that clearly a bust, and drones hovering about, Niko and Marta team up and eventually end up spending the night together.

Bogdan picks up Oliwia from work but unfortunately, Sergey’s goons show and begin torturing him. Oliwia promises to reveal all, but SkyCom’s concerns come from misusing this stealth tech. The same stealth tech that’s been suspiciously missing from the rest of this show I may add! Anyway, the order comes in to kill Niko, who’s off living his best life, getting into brawls at a caravan park and making Marta question her decision given her wild lover hasn’t really changed.

How does A Girl an an Astronaut end?

When Marta wakes up, she finds herself at gunpoint. Niko is forced to cuff Marta while JJ takes Niko outside. With a gun pointed at him, Nadia heads out a helicopter that lands and tells JJ to let him go given she doesn’t trust him. Nadia seems to know he’s a double agent and kills the guy before he can shoot Niko.

When soldiers show up, led by Bogdan, they’re shocked to learn Marta has disappeared. She’s not in the camper anymore. Instead, she’s somehow managed to slip by everyone and stands by the edge of the water on the end of a pier. She’s made her choice now and she’s going to do right by herself, not anyone else.

The Episode Review

So what about Oliwia? What is Marta going to do about that? Apparently she’s decided to choose herself and sign off from her current life, cutting all ties with the two men whose lives she’s completely disrupted and changed for the worst… and this is our protagonist?

A Girl and an Astronaut has been a terrible show, one that’s never really got going and has actually ended up becoming progressively worse as the season progresses.

The characters have been poorly defined with awful arcs, while the message at the end, with Marta deciding to just “choose herself” as if that’s some sort of liberating choice, is concerning given it’s one that seems to reinforce that if the going gets tough and your past actions come back to haunt you, you should just ignore them all and run away.

With the ending hinting that we could have a second season green-lit, this looms like it may be another Netflix one-and-done deal as the slow, laborious pace is unlikely to entice the masses to see this one through to its conclusion. And given the lack of drama or high-stakes tension here, you’re certainly not missing much if you skip it!

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