Agent Elvis Season 1 Review – A rip-roaring, bloody good time

Season 1

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Full Tilt
F*ck You, Vegas
Cocaine Tuesdays
Total Mind F*ck
Maximum Density
Maghrebi Mint
Head Soup
Swollen Desire
Godspeed, Drunk Money


Agent Elvis has no right to be as enjoyable as it is. Taking the same writer responsible for Archer, throwing in a  similar art style, and presenting Elvis Presley as a singer by day and secret agent by night, works surprisingly well. Although some of the humour falls short, pushing the envelope with nudity and crude jokes for the sake of shock value, the actual series itself delivers a highly combustible cocktail of rock and roll swagger.

Elvis Presley is our main protagonist and the first episode does a wonderful job introducing the main components that make this series so enjoyable. There’s a good blend of action alongside thin but effective characterization and a litany of jokes ranging from slapstick and crude to sarcastic and witty.

It’s here where Elvis is introduced to CeCe, a female assassin that works for a mysterious guy called The Commander. He wants to partner up with Elvis and introduces the King of Rock and Roll to the ranks of the TCB, The Central Bureau. They’re a secret organization that have been keeping America safe from the shadows, and now they need Elvis’ help as the threats continue to increase in extravagance and craziness.

From here, the second half of the show throws in episodic issues for Elvis and his gang to deal with, as Scatter the monkey, hillbilly Bobby Ray and mad scientist Howard Hughes, round out the colourful and memorable crew onboard for each of these assignments.

Throughout the series, Elvis is also haunted by memories of his past, with flashbacks peppered in to keep things interesting. I won’t reveal what actually happens to our rock star, but from episode 8 onwards, we do get a good deal of answers to the big questions hanging over this series.

The voice acting is great  and there’s a pretty stacked cast here too, including Matthew McConaughey as Elvis Presley, Johnny Knoxville, Don Cheadle and even Priscilla Presley, who plays herself. That’s before mentioning a whole bunch of cameo appearances from different celebs and famous people.

The art style feeling very reminiscent to Archer, complete with thick black lines and solid colors to keep this one tonally consistent. There’s also a lot of blood and violence, while nudity is sprinkled in along the way for good measure. Elvis’ own discography is used for the soundtrack, which is a lovely touch, while the various album sleeves and genuine pictures of the King of Rock and Roll feeds seamlessly into the visual style of the series.

Agent Elvis is a rip-roaring, bloody good time. At times the shock value is pushed a little too far and fails to be funny, but the overarching narrative and the characters themselves are partly why this show works as well as it does. With 10 episodes clocking in at around 25 minutes a piece, this is a very easy show to sit through and a highly enjoyable one at that.

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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