Again My Life – K-Drama Episode 9 Recap & Review

A Powerful Ally

Episode 9 of Again My Life starts with Il-Hyeon on the verge of being arrested. He’s tasked Hui-Wu with arresting him, which he obviously feeds back to Seok-Kyu. The thing is, Hui-Wu is smart and knows this is just a warning. So naturally, he decides to play along but actually arrest Il-Hyeon for real. In order to do that, he needs evidence. Time to work!

Jin-Mi’s place is raided, sending Il-Hyeon over to Seok-Kyu’s office where he threatens him. The thing is, it’s all turned back on him when Il-Hyeon is arrested for accepting bribes just after leaving the office. The arrest warrant is issued by Hui-Wu.

Hui-Wu shows up and admits to Il-Hyeon in the interrogation room that he was tasked by his superiors to arrest him. He also reveals that Il-Hyeon is being used as a scapegoat.

With Seok-Kyu out the office, Kang-Jin sneaks in and transfers the files onto Seok-kyu’s computer. However, a hidden camera records his every move. Seok-Kyu shows him the footage and demands an explanation, deciding they should go and get coffee together to discuss this further.

With Hui-Wu ignoring calls from Seok-Hoon, he instead delivers a press conference regarding Il-Hyeon and how he was accepting bribes. He plays the crowd well, promising to investigate Il-Hyeon properly and diligently. This obviously reflects onto Seok-Hoon, who finds himself on the cusp of becoming Attorney General thanks to Hui-Wu’s actions. Seok-Hoon’s initial hostility wavers with a big promotion on the table, tasking Hui-Wu instead with handling every aspect of this case.

In Il-Hyeon’s absence, Seok-Hoon moves his puppet, Choi Kang-Jin, into that role. The thing is, that may be easier said than done, given Il-Hyeon wants to take Choi down with him. Or does he? When Choi speaks to Il-Hyeon, he admits he just wants to be in the same room as Hui-Wu. He tasks Choi with keeping a close eye on Hui-Wu and arresting him the minute he launches an investigation without a warrant.

Hui-Wu is smart though and liaising with his team, decides to go after Choi, just as scheduled. Only, he intends to do so through a celebrity voice – Jo Yun-Ah. They’re aiming for a plea bargain, which the others agree would be best. She would give a strong character assessment of Choi.

Yun-Ah tells her story, where she admits she agreed to be signed on with Prosecutor Choi, who introduced her to a plastic surgeon. Unfortunately she ended up becoming addicted, and because of her drug addiction and fear of being exposed, she was convinced to marry a wealthy businessman. Choi set her up, so she’s urged to sue him.

Hui-Wu is wise to the man following him around and snapping photos. The man is not exactly subtle, but Hui-Wu doesn’t catch on that he knows he’s there. So naturally, he decides not to rock the boat or do anything incriminating, moving between meetings and eating food with the team.

The corruption with Choi goes much deeper than we initially thought. In fact, his father and SHC Entertainment have a whole list of male entertainers that are part of a big corruption to feign injuries and illnesses to get out of mandatory military service. The doctor is actually corrupt too.

That night, Hye-Jin is attacked, prompting Hui-Wu to rush in and stop him from killing the poor girl. Thankfully, she survives and is taken to the hospital. Interestingly, this puts Hui-Wu in contact with Assemblyman Hwang, her father. He’s a passionate supporter of taking Tae-Seob down – and a powerful ally for Hui-Wu to have on his side.

He has a meeting with Assemblyman Hwang, revealing that he has a traitor nearby and he needs to be careful. Hui-Wu’s premonition comes true the next day, when evidence against Tae-Seob is turned over and he’s unable to strike the proverbial knife into the corrupt politician’s rotten heart.

When Tae-Seob organizes a meeting with Hwang, the latter realizes the traitor is actually his own aide. He refuses to shake Tae-Seob’s hand too, but deliberates over Hui-Wu’s words, meeting him that night following the incident. Hui-Wu admits that the law is his master and he too wants to take Tae-Seob down. He hands over the evidence regarding Choi and suggests he use this so people can “see their last hope.”

The Episode Review

Hui-Wu’s power and influence is growing, with Assemblyman Hwang now working on his side. Seeing the man’s team grow larger is great to watch, although by this point Again My Life is essentially a law drama wrapped up with a tiny sprinkling of sci-fi. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, and the show continues to deliver on both characterisation and surprises across its run-time.

There hasn’t been a whole lot of conflict between Tae-Seob and Hui-Wu thus far too, but you can tell that the show is really teasing this to come to a head later on down the line.

The ending certainly leaves things wide open, as Assemblyman Hwang looks to be a powerful ally for Hui-Wu to have on his team.

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