Again My Life – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

Taking The Gang Down

Episode 6 of Again My Life starts with Hui-Wu visited by Seok-Gyu, a man who seems to have his best interests at heart. At the office, Seok-Gyu hands over a whole stack of papers; a list of people and crimes leading all the way up to the top and connected to Tae-Seob.

It appears the plan here is to remove all the pawns from the chessboard before Hui-Wu makes his move against the King.

This puts the slap into a lot more context. The slap though is actually a warning, as Seok-Gyu shows up and fears for Hui-Wu’s life. “If you stomp around too hard, you’ll leave footprints. Do not put your life on the line.” He says sternly.

With this harsh reminder, Hui-Wu gets back on with the case. Remember the teller last episode, A-Jin? It turns out her father, Do Chang-Soo, actually sold her to the casino to pay off his debts. She was collateral damage, forced to work as a teller all that time. She knows he’s a great cook but a lousy gambler, something Hui-Wu echoes across to him as he’s encouraged to do right by A-Jin from now on.

With the case in full swing, Hui-Wu uncovers several hidden ledgers regarding the gang’s illicit activities. With evidence stacked against them, Hui-Wu tasks Sang-Man with handing over an envelope full of papers to Han-Mi, intent on outing the gang on national TV.

Hui-Wu starts questioning those from the gang, changing the subject of the investigation across from the gambling to the disappearance of young women. The only traces left behind are their handbags or random items of clothing. Hyeon-Jong is first to snap while being questioned, pointing out that they used to inject these women with illegal drugs. Those who became addicted would end up in brothels. So far there’s been about 20 of them.

Hui-Wu is not happy and he tasks Investigator Oh with diving into this further while he interview Gu-Jun, the leader of the gang. He turns off all the cameras and begins beating him. Investigator Oh rushes in to stop him, as Hui-Wu is called away by several high-powered officials to discuss the case.

These men are desperate to cover up any wrongdoing, given their names would be linked with the gang’s activity. Thankfully, Hui-Wu was well prepared for this and news breaks on the TV regarding the gang being arrested. This puts the whole department in a difficult position, especially as this is not going to be easy to brush aside.

Hui-Wu can’t keep the whole gang behind bars though, so while the grunts are let go, their leader Gu-Jun is kept in behind bars.

With the case wrapped up, Hui-Wu takes some time to visit Hee-A, who’s very busy these days. She’s preparing for a resort’s big opening and only returned to Korea to see her father. She actually visited Gangwon because that’s where he lives. While they talk, Han-Mi shows up, and the two women pass each other on the pier.

Han-Mi heads out for something to eat with Hui-Wu, as the gang arrive and begin intimating them. Han-Mi is hot-headed and threatens them after they insult her, while Hyeong-Jung and the others warn Hui-Wu that he needs to watch his back in town.

After these two meetings, there’s a pretty hilarious dialogue back home as Sang-Man questions Hui-Wu over who he’s going to choose to date out of Han-Mi and Hee-A. He doesn’t answer, but does hand over more documents for Investigator Oh to work through in the morning, who’s struggling to get it all done.

While interrogating Gu-Jun, Hui-Wu brings up all the evidence linked to the Yuchae gang, and how they even have witness statements from some of the grunts in the organization too. Either way, Gu-Jun is looking at at least 30 years behind bars.

Hui-Wu brings this case to Seok-Hoon, filling him in about Gimsan City’s gangsters and their ties to the regional politicians. There’s a big transaction scheduled for tomorrow, including down at the docks where they smuggle in the drugs among the fish.

After conferring with Seok-Gyu, Hui-Wu wants Seok-Hoon to be the one to go after them and do the big bust. He has the resources to really make the charges stick and make a massive splash. This would be great for his career and give him a very likely chance of promotion. Now, this move also has an ulterior motive for Hui-Wu. He knows Seok-Hoon is close to Tae-Seob, so as a result it would allow Hui-Wu to get closer.

Seok-Hoon visits Tae-Seob after and fills him in on what’s happening. He mentions the case and how Hui-Wu wants to come to Seoul. Now, there is a stipulation to all this. Hui-Wu wants Seok-Gyu and Investigator Oh to also be reassigned with him. Tae-Seob is a little more cautious but decides to see how this case goes before agreeing to anything.

As the episode comes to a close, Hui-Wu heads down to the docks undercover with Sang-Man and Oh. They find the drugs stashed inside the fish and in doing so, end up one step closer to bringing this gang down once and for all.

The Episode Review

Hui-Wu is certainly playing the long game here and it works really well to see him learn some patience as he starts building up a case to use against Tae-Seob. The whole show has done a decent job balancing out Hui-Wu’s superior knowledge of the game with Tae-Seob rising further in power, and it’ll be intriguing to see how the show handles that going forward.

Meanwhile, the in-jokes from Sang-Man about Hui-Wu’s two women and who he will choose is something that feels like a nod to audiences, given we’ve all been asking ourselves the exact same question!

Most of the episode’s drama revolves around the issues involving this gang and what they’re hiding. Again My Life feels a lot closer to a law or crime drama now rather than a sci-fi flick, despite what the early episodes would imply. However, that doesn’t make this any less enjoyable.

All the pieces are starting to move across the chessboard, and it sets everything up for a very interesting set of strategic moves in the future. Will it be checkmate for Tae-Seob? Or does he have a few more tricks up his sleeve?

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