Again My Life – K-Drama Episode 15 Recap & Review

Declaration Of War

Episode 15 of Again My Life starts with Tae-Seob saving a bunch of kids from an orphanage as it burns. Only, it’s clear this whole pan was concocted by Tae-Seob himself but it’s been botched. No kids were supposed to be hurt, but it does work to swing public sentiment on his side.

Meanwhile, Hui-Wu decides to turn his attention away from Seok-Hun and focus on Park Dae-Ho instead. The man is getting desperate, and part of that comes from Hee-A sending out bait in the form of a play involving Cheonha Life Insurance.

Hee-A draws up a list of people wo have requested it, and sends it over to Hui-Wu. The play here is to find the person whose name matches both Bando bank and Cheonha.

Doing his research, Hui-Wu learns that Big Tiger Outsourcing is a company run by Dae-Ho’s informant. Chang-Soo is the key to this. He went missing a week after allegedly paying back his loan, a loan to clear hospital bills that were crippling them into submission.

Chang-Soo has been taken by Dae-Ho and is currently working as a recruiter for voice phishing. He’s basically being kept captive against his will. But not for long.

Hui-Wu and his buddies bust in and break him out, before turning their attention to Dae-Ho’s informant. He’s forced into submission, ringing Dae-Ho to let him know the loan has gone through. However, Seok-Hyu shows up and demands he hand over the guy to the authorities.

Now, it turns out Seok-Kyu isn’t completely corrupt after all, he’s serving as a shield to protect Hui-Wu while he takes down the big fish. Specifically, that of Dae-Ho, who Hui-Wu brings into custody just as agreed. Hui-Wu points out that if he lets the guy go, Tae-Seob is going to come after him and that is not going to bode well for his wellbeing.

Speaking of which, Seok-Kyu speaks to his subordinates and warns them that Hui-Wu is doing what’s right for justice and if they can’t deal with that then they should leave… so they all do.

Seok-Kyu’s list of allies in the prosecution office is grows thinner by the day, but he knew this would be the case. He tells Hui-Wu as much and implores him to keep fighting and win the day.

Hui-Wu predictably doesn’t fall for Tae-Seob’s honeytrap either. In his previous life, he knew exactly who she was, given she caused the death of someone close to him. Instead, he plays her at her own game, printing out details about her, drawn up in a neat little file.

Hui-Wu can make all of this go away if Seo-Yeon plays ball. Specifically in pretending that Hui-Wu has turned to their side and to go after Secretary Kim. He cuts a good deal and eventually she agrees to join his side.

With everything slotting into place, Sang-Man is requested to head in and meet Tae-Seob for a drink. Hui-Wu warns that this could happen and as the CEO of JQ Constructions, implores him not to go.

Instead of Sang-Man though, it’s Hui-Wu who appears at Tae-Seob’s place. In order to protect Sang-Man, Hui-Wu lays everything out on the line, telling him Sang-Man is innocent and he’s the one who has declared war.

Unfortunately, Tae-Seob gets to Sang-man first and beats him badly, incapacitating him as he lays in hospital unconscious. It doesn’t look good. The Assemblyman is aware Hui-Wu is going to strike back, and although those around him don’t see Hui-Wu as a threat, Tae-Seob is smart and knows he is.

Off the back of this, Tae-Seob moves all the men and women supporting Hui-Wu over to Gimsan. This is a big plan to make sure Hui-Wu is alone before striking. And as everything gears up for the finale, Hui-Wu is left with a mountain to climb.

The Episode Review

The penultimate episode to Again My Life bows out with Hui-Wu declaring war on Tae-Seob and laying everything out on the line. With the key players taken out on both sides of the conflict, everything is resting on Hui-Wu taking his revenge and destroying Tae-Seob once and for all.

The show has done well to keep this conflict gong until the final chapter and it would appear, especially from the preview, that everything is going to escalate to fever pitch before we get a resolution to this. It’s all to play for now and quite who will come out on top is anyone’s guess.

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