Again My Life – K-Drama Episode 14 Recap & Review

Goodbye Seok-Hun

Episode 14 of Again My Life starts with Min-Soo explaining his actions to Hui-Wu regarding Tae-Seob. He was the one who approached him first, offering a lucrative partnership between assemblyman and prosecutor. He refers to it as a f*cked relationship but does agree to work with him – and to keep Hui-Wu in check. In exchange though he wants Il-Bo. Tae-Seob allows it, promising to draw his future as a result.

While the pair work together to take down Seok-Hun, Seok-Hun decides to go after Hee-A. However, he doesn’t get far as Assemblyman Hwang holds a press conference, damning Seok-Hun with proof of corruption. Gyu-Ri also takes to the stage and brings up Seok-Hun’s wife, who’s part of this whole debacle too. Eventually, Tae-Seob gives the order to have him arrested.

Hui-Wu interviews Seok-Hun but he turns off the cameras to play a damning recording and to admit there’s no way out for him this time. Not only that but he’s the “dear friend” Han-Mi relied on in the past and whose confession has swung this in his favour. Her statement against Seok-Hun is ultimately what’s been the cause of taking him down.

With Seok-Hun out the picture, Hui-Wu steps up his plans to take out Tae-Seob. He realizes he needs to target Park Dae-Ho, his financial source, next. Tae-Seob is smart though and he head off to see Hee-A at Cheongha. He warns that the upcoming investigation into her company is not going to go well and they’ll leave no stone unturned. Tae-Seob offers to team up but Hee-A refuses, wanting something substantial  to make it worth her while rather than just a threat.

With all that’s happened, Assemblyman Hwang is promoted to the party leader. Hui-Wu arrives to congratulate him but Hwang has news. Jong-Ki from the Dongbu District Prosecutor’s Office is on the verge of becoming president. He also brings up that Seok-Gyu’s name has been floating around the national Assembly too. Hui-Wu bears this in mind when he heads off to see him but he’s despondent and distant. He doesn’t want to drink with the others and has been acting off for a while.

The reason for this though stems from Tae-Seob, whom he was earlier instructed by to arrest Assemblyman Hwang. Seok-Gyu shows up at his place and outright rejects, refusing to be promoted on the pretense of doing the right thing. Although Tae-Seob threatens him with a demotion and moving to the coast, it doesn’t have an effect on him. Thankfully the guy sticks to his principles until the very end.

Instead, Tae-Seob shows he knows absolutely nothing about Hui-Wu, deciding to bring in a woman to seduce and corrupt Hui-Wu. Her name is Seo-yeon and she’s pretty confident, believing men will do anything for her. Hui-Wu is certainly intrigued by her after they meet but whether he’ll actually fall for this age-old trick is another matter.

Hui-Wu turns his attention to Director Kim Yong Min of the Financial Supervisory Service. In a secluded bathroom, he shows off a USB drive holding files on Bando Bank. He brings up all the issues they have and blackmails him into submission, asking for help. If he plays ball, then Assemblyman Hwang won’t receive the files.

At the same time, Hui-Wu tasks Hee-A and the others to play Dae-Ho at his own game, backing him into a corner to expose his criminal side and withdraw lucrative sums of money.

As the episode closes out, we cut back to the office where Seok-Gyu is promoted to Chief Prosecutor. Hui-Wu looks concerned, especially as another of his trusted colleagues appear to have been corrupted and turned to the dark side.

The Episode Review

Again My Life returns with another solid episode, one that sees Hui-Wu start to lose his tenuous grip on the situation involving Tae-Seob. Not only has he lost Min-Soo to the darkness, but he also appears to have lost Seok-Gyu now too, despite that earlier scene that seemed to have him in the clear.

Tae-Seob is a powerful adversary and given the tone and pace of this show, I’m a little concerned that we only have 2 episodes left and a lot still to unpack. I’d imagine Dae-Su will be taken out next, followed by the assassin and then finally Tae-Seob. But what does that mean for Hui-Wu and his fate? We’ll have to wait and see of course, as everything here is left in a pretty precarious state

The show has done well to keep things engaging right the way through the run-time, with plenty of law drama and intriguing plot points to keep things ticking by. We’re onto the final stretch now though and quite what will happen next is anyone’s guess.

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  1. Enjoyed it but hate when they turn a likeable character into a enemy. They been mates since college That ti me spoils it

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