Again My Life – K-Drama Episode 13 Recap & Review

A Twisted Knife In The Dark

Episode 13 of Again My Life starts with Hui-Wu stopping Tae-Seob’s assassin. After their previous encounter, Hui-Wu knows the man’s moves but before we see a victor in this skirmish, police sirens wail nearby, breaking everything up. However, Seung-Hyuk is thankfully still alive. Hui-Wu can’t risk him getting hurt again and as such, tells him and Gyu-Ri to take a backseat to the JQ Construction case. Not only that but he wants Yeong-Il to be released.

Tae-Seob receives word that his assassin failed and he’s disappointed. Hui-Wu shows up to see him, admitting he got into a fight with an unknown assailant. He challenges Tae-Seob, at least indirectly anyway, quizzing whether he works for the Assemblyman. Hui-Wu wans to go after him but Tae-Seob refuses to allow that. He also reveals about Seok-Hun being promoted.

When Hui-Wu leaves, Tae-Seob decides to have someone stay close to him, not so much to debunk his work but to try and distract him. While Hui-Wu busies himself with different cases, trying to stay one step ahead of Tae-Seob whose influence extends to the political parties (including the one Assemblyman Hwang is in), he also watches over Hee-A and Cheonha. They current own 3.4% of her business but a private investor has shown up called Park Jong-Hyeok, snapping up shares too.

Hui-Wu sends Min-Soo to JQ Constructions while stepping up his mission to thwart Seok-Hun. With his secretive team, Hui-Wu tries to make sure the guy has a thorny path to the top. Now that he’s the Prosecutor General, that’s easier said than done.

Hui-Wu is called into his office where Seok-Hun orders him to give Jong-Ki’s case to Kang-Jin. In exchange, he’s to investigate Kim Jeong-Taek, the politician he was earlier wondering about recruiting to his cause. Alas, the plot thickens.

Once he receives this file, Hui-Wu visits Assemblyman Hwang and offers him a solution . With Jeong-Taek out the picture, he wants Hwang to step up as leader. He’s not happy about Jeong-Taek being kicked out this way but it seems this is the only solution. And eventually he agrees to do this.

Speaking of solutions, remembers the shares debacle with Hee-A? Well, it turns out the private investor is actually one of her own people. She’s been trying to keep the integrity of the company going all this time, so Hui-Wu doesn’t need to worry quite so much.

Seok-Gyu holds a press conference at the same time as Seok-Hun’s. He immediately outs the JQ Construction case and how they’ve been colluding with competitors to win the bidding process. This news spreads across the airwaves, with an arrest warrant issued for Yeong-Il. The thing is, this reckless move was actually done on his own accord -Hui-Wu didn’t ask for this. He has no regrets though and knows this could backfire.

Off the back of this, and with Seok-Hun’s son disgraced and the public distrusting, Tae-Seob tells Seok-Hun he needs to arrest his own son and deal with him as he sees it. That way Tae-Seob can then spin the public opinion to look on him more favorably.

Hui-Wu meets with Min-Soo that night who has a bombshell announcement. He’s now working with Tae-Seob. He intends to help with Seok-Hun’s fall but beyond that, their path is murky. It’s clear this whole situation has just got that much harder.

The Episode Review

Again My Life returns with another solid episode, one that sees the political ties deepen and the conspiratorial web grow that much more complicated, There are a lot of characters in this show and at times the series feels in danger of buckling under the weight of fleshing all these different players out. However, the series is still enjoyable and there’s certainly enough to whet the appetite in this one.

There’s a really nice ebb and flow to this law drama, and the complicated cases certainly make for an engaging watch. At the same time though, there’s only 3 episodes left and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to work out exactly how this is going to end and resolve everything in a satisfying way. I’d assume that Hui-Wu will come out of this on top but at what cost? Surely there will be some casualties along the way.

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