After Ever Happy (2022) Ending Explained – Do Tessa and Hardin have a happy ending?

After Ever Happy Plot Synopsis

Tessa and Hardin are in London where Hardin finds his mother cheating on her soon-to-be husband hours before her wedding – an event that he had flown to the United Kingdom to attend.

The man Trish is cheating with is Christian, the best friend of Ken, Hardin’s father. After the wedding, Christian and Hardin chat and the former reveals that he is actually Hardin’s biological father. Kimberly, Christian’s pregnant girlfriend also reveals the information to Tessa.

Tessa knows Hardin will need her but he burns down his mother’s house. Christian saves the day but Hardin starts drowning himself in alcohol asking Tessa to leave him alone.

Where are Hardin and Tessa at the beginning of After Ever Happy?

After Hardin pushes Tessa away, she goes back to the USA from London to their apartment to clear out her stuff. She is shocked to discover the dead body of her father after he has overdosed on drugs. Landon tells Hardin about what happened and he returns to the States to be there for Tessa. After she tries to push him away, the couple have a conversation about how they are not right for each other. 

Tessa’s mother also lets Hardin know that the best thing he could do for Tessa was to leave her alone and disappear from her life. Hardin still sticks around to console Tessa and after her father’s funeral, he tells her that he wants to be there for her and change. Tessa tries to keep Hardin at a distance and tells him that she does not want anything else to do with him.

Is Tessa pregnant? Can she have children in the future?

Back in Seattle, Tessa talks to Kimberly and tells her that she will be moving to New York and getting a fresh start in her life. Ken and Hardin chat about how Christian was Hardin’s biological father and Trish (Hardin’s mother) lied to both of them all these years. Ken states that regardless of the truth, Hardin will always be his son.

Meanwhile, Tessa is visiting the OB-GYN who tells her that with her medical condition, the chances of her falling pregnant are impossible. 

Tessa is shocked to learn that she will never be able to carry a baby to full term. She goes back to Christian’s apartment and is visibly upset as she starts drinking. Hardin calls her and senses her discomfort. He finds her drunk by the pool and brings her to bed.

The next morning, Tessa breaks the news about her maternity. Hardin somehow makes this about himself and Tessa is upset that he isn’t sympathising with her. He apologises to Tessa and they reconcile.

Is Tessa moving to New York? 

At Ken’s house, the family is throwing Landon a farewell party before they leave for New York. Later that evening, Tessa tells Hardin that she too has made up her mind and she will be moving to New York too. She states that she needs time apart from Hardin because they only fight when they are together. 

Hardin loses his mind and lashes out at Landon for lying to him. Landon fires back and Hardin storms out of the house, screaming into oblivion. Hardin tells Tessa that he is nothing without her hoping he can convince her to stay but Tessa is adamant. She asks Hardin to promise that he won’t follow her and give her the time she needs. Hardin leaves.

Do Tessa and Hardin break up?

Tessa is now living a normal life in New York where she works as a waitress. Hardin is graduating from college and has enrolled himself on an Alcoholic Anonymous support group. He reads up his journal where Hardin had been documenting his relationship with Tessa. 

Five months later, Hardin visits Landon in New York and meets Tessa at the hotel she is a waitress for. The former couple try to catch up. Hardin asks Tessa when her shift ends and after, Tessa finds Hardin waiting for her outside and they walk home together.

Do Hardin and Tessa get back together?

They catch up on their new lives and eventually get home to Landon’s. On the sofa, Hardin is having a nightmare when Tessa finds him. She lays on the couch and helps him fall asleep. The next day, Tessa is dismayed to see that Hardin is not waiting for her after her shift. As she walks back home, Hardin runs up behind and they walk back home together. 

Tessa tells Hardin that he seems different as they make dinner that night. A few days later, Tessa finds a transcript of Hardin’s novel and reads it in its entirety. Once he is back from his meeting, Tessa calls him out for using her life and her story. They fight and Hardin apologises stating he never wanted the novel to be published.

Will there be an After Part 5?

He states that there is a bidding war for his book but Tessa is still furious about why he didn’t ask for her permission before violating her privacy. Hardin argues that their story is about unconditional love and forgiveness. She is still not able to forgive him and tells him it’s over between them. Hardin receives a deal to have his novel published and the book is a success among fans. 

Tessa learns that there is a book-reading event in New York that Hardin will be attending. She makes an appearance there and spots Hardin and his publisher exchanging glances. Tessa leaves without having greeted Hardin and he spots her as she exits. The movie ends with a ‘To be Continued’ message.

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  1. My point is that I wish to see them having a happy ending, cause it’s really hard to move on, and for sure they loved each other, no matter what, and The fact of Messing up , Is that they were so young and have different ambitions, They couldn’t agree on one thing, but I hope that through these situations it’s when they will find themselves and giving another chance

  2. Spoilers..


    I read that the ending is very different in the upcoming movie vs the book, After Everything, which will be the last installment. They don’t stay together.

  3. The next movie should wrap it up.

    Spoiler: those that didn’t read the book there is a conclusion. They either will or won’t end up together. It will be answered.

  4. I love this series so much….but I HATED the way this movie ended and deviated from the book…very very disappointed with this movie! I hope the last and final one gets it right…you owe it to the fans

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