A Family Affair (2024) Ending Explained – Why does Chris get Brooke the breakup earrings? 

A Family Affair (2024) Plot Summary

Helmed by Richard LaGravenese who is known for iconic movies like The Fisher King, The Bridges of Madison County and P.S. I Love You, Netflix gives us A Family Affair starring Nicole Kidman, Zac Efron, Joey King and Kathy Bates. This rom-com follows the hard-working Zara who just cannot make it in Hollywood as she is stuck as the assistant to the heartthrob, Chris Cole who makes her do everything. 

After he pushes her too far and has her quit, he recognises the error of his ways and tries to get her back. Only for him to fall for her widowed mother, Brooke who is charmed by him. They start having an affair much to Zara’s shock who does her best to balance her work and personal life.

Why is Zara angry with her mom?

Once Zara realises that her mom, Brooke and Chris are going behind her back and having an affair despite her disapproval, she is upset. She is also hurt when she learns that Chris has replaced the writer she hired with Brooke. At the gala, she confronts her mom as she believes Chris will break her heart since he is a playboy.

When Brooke refuses to listen, Zara takes it personally and believes that her mother doesn’t care about Charlie, her late father or what she thinks. As the fight escalates, Zara and Brooke agree that it would be best if the former moved out.

Why does Chris get Brooke the breakup earrings? 

On Christmas, Zara’s grandmother, Leila convinces the family to give each other a second chance as she invites Chris over. Zara starts seeing him in a new light as he dotes over Brooke. However, she gets a reality check when she sees that Chris has bought Brooke the breakup earrings. At the beginning of the movie, we see that Chris always makes Zara buy his girlfriends the same diamond earrings when he wants to break up with them.

When Zara confronts him about getting the same earrings for Brooke, he doesn’t lie. He explains that he panicked initially and didn’t know what to gift Brooke, which is why he got her the earrings. However, he later thought it through and got her the book of all her works. Near the end of the movie, Chris has a breakdown and Zara comforts him. As they talk, he explains that he ends up pushing away all good things that happen to him which is why he considered breaking up with Brooke.

Why does Zara change her mind about Chris?

While Zara is upset that Chris and Brooke don’t listen to her, Leila and her friend, Genie make her see that it is not about her. Leila explains that Brooke has a life of her own and it is time she moved on. During Christmas, Zara also overhears Brooke telling Leila how Charlie wanted to divorce her and they had been distant. After Zara confronts Chris about the breakup earrings, Brooke is humiliated and wishes she had let her handle it.

All of this is in Zara’s mind when she visits Chris who has a breakdown during a shoot. He is upset about hurting Brooke and realises that he has hurt everyone he has ever cared about by pushing them away. Zara believes him when he sincerely tells her that things are different with Brooke.

We then see Zara apologise to Brooke and accept that she can have her own happiness and deserves to be seen. She orchestrates a meet-cute between Brooke and Chris at the supermarket and they are surprised to see each other. Chris confesses to Brooke that he doesn’t want to be alone anymore and they kiss. A year later, we see that they are still together, and Zara is one of the producers of Chris’ company.

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