Ad Vitam – Netflix Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review


The Truth Will Out

As we cross over the halfway point of this sci-fi thriller, Ad Vitam begins to up its game, delivering some exciting plot developments whilst adhering to its strictly methodical pace that’s been a staple of this series.

The episode starts with an autopsy of the missing girl, where they discover that although she was only 25, some of her body tissue is over 300 years old. It looks like she went through regeneration, which is not advisable for minors as it can cause unexpected side-effects. At this point we then learn that the reason regeneration is only allowed from the age of 30 is because children’s tissue are too active.

As Darius and Christa carry on their investigation, it leads them to follow in the footsteps of the missing girl. Christa tries to translate the crypted messages they found at Linus’ place but the same words keep coming back: the outside world. As they interrogate people on the way, they come to a compound where people from out of town usually meet. The owner tells them that the place is a fight club but no minors ever go there, only people that have been regenerated.

Darius later gets a phone call where he learns that all 7 kids that commit suicide were unsuitable for regeneration. This prompts Christa and Darius to have a conversation about it at dinner. He tells her about the different things he has learnt and how he has been married 4 times, which is the average in the population.

After seeing the 3 people at the next table trying to cause trouble, Darius waits for them outside and gets involved in a fight. While he tries to recover from it, he has flashbacks to the first time he rejuvenated and got cured from his disease. Unfortunately that same day his son underwent the same procedure but didn’t make it as, being under 30, the effects are unpredictable.

Still following the same direction in their investigation, they come across a restaurant called The Cocoon which looks exactly like one of Linus’ drawing. When they reach the place, they find it deserted but for a man Christa sees in the field. He explains that the place burned down years ago however he reveals that 2 other men came a few week ago. They arrived in a big white van and headed in the direction of an abandoned sanatorium.

Darius and Christa make their way there where they find hundreds of luggage and mattresses everywhere. As they uncover the truth, they realise that the kids were all tested when they arrived and the ones unable to receive the regeneration were shot in the head. Darius puts the puzzle pieces together and realizes that the 7 found on the beach didn’t kill themselves.

The episode ends with Christa and Darius leaving each other but as Darius reaches an empty home, he receives a call from Lesky telling him that Christa has gone missing and has taken a gun with her.

Steering away from it’s sci-fi roots, Ad Vitam dives deeper into crime thriller territory with its latest episode. The chemistry between Darius and Christa is strong and their emotional and meaningful conversation at dinner does well to really typify the bond they’ve worked up together over the episodes. There’s some intriguing ideas around what it means to be a minor in this world and the age gap between the two distinct groups really keeps things interesting and unique.

The series so far has certainly been interesting to watch, albeit a bit slow at times, but there’s enough intrigue and tension here to keep you hanging on for the next episode. With the possible truth of the 7 now revealed, the ugly truth of this brave new world rears its ugly head, leaving many questions unresolved leading in to the next episode.


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