Acres – Burning Throne | Album Review

Track Listing

Burning Throne
Hold On
The Death Of Me
Visual Hallucinations
My Everything
Feel Anything
Into Flames
When You’re Gone
Lost In Our Own World


Acres do not dislodge from misery on this release, as they fall deeply into a ruined landscape, which, in truth, teems with demons. Though their music is an assault on the ears at times, it has its flashpoints and moments of quality aplenty.

Melody is apparent amidst the noise, stirring right through and keeping the music interesting. While this happens, the guitars do ignite interest and they’re obviously the main attraction. The band definitely offers well crafted instrumentals; absorbing guitar moments which truly spark excitement, and Burning Throne is a well-packed compendium, proving the act has talent to rise further.

It isn’t a masterclass though, or an album that will arrest the heart in terms of impact. It has its moments, as mentioned, but it doesn’t have any distinctive hook.

There’s 10 songs here, and ‘Hold On’ is a definite standout, with a growing chorus and powerful vocal work, which stands the test. The guitar presence is neat and progressive.

‘My Everything’ blasts the cobwebs and reaches a bigger height in terms of musicality. That rush of thunderous percussion adds volatility, and the vocals almost break.

‘When You’re Gone’ opens slowly by contrast, and then it rises to create a bashful contribution. It has a rousing chorus that does offer guile.

Acres is a band that aches for closure. Burning Throne has its moments of brilliance, but it doesn’t hit the top mark.

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  • Verdict - 7/10

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