Accused – Season 1 Episode 12 “Morgan’s Story” Recap & Review

Morgan’s Story

Episode 12 of Accused sees us explore the story of Morgan Knight. Currently, Morgan is detained at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York. She was arrested for drug possession, which carries a potential prison sentence of two decades. She was also in the process of divorcing her husband, Jason. At this point in the story, it’s unclear if her drug charges and divorce are related.

At Pembroke Elementary School, Morgan meets Kashir, who saves a student from choking. They chat again before Kashir leaves on his bicycle. When Morgan tries to leave in her yellow Porsche, which her husband bought for her based on his preferences, she finds a flat tyre. She asks Jason to pick up their son Ari, but he refuses, showing his disregard for his family.

Morgan later asks Jason to take Ari to his recital, but Jason prioritizes work over family, believing that Morgan can reschedule her conference as her job is just a hobby. Finally it’s decided that Jason will take Ari to the recital. It’s evident that Jason only cares about making money and nothing else.

The next day, Kashir offers to drive Morgan to the station and accompany her at the bar while she waits for her train to Boston. Despite being married, Morgan is happy that Kashir asked. Later, Jason arrives to pick up Ari for his recital but learns that the train Morgan was supposed to take derailed. Jason tries to call her but gets no response, so he contacts his cop brother Eric to find her. With no word from Morgan, Jason cancels Ari’s recital and takes him to their apartment.

While Morgan and Kashir are engaged in a physical relationship in a hotel room, her school principal contacts her to inquire about her well-being. Morgan picks up on the principal’s sense of relief upon learning that she missed the train and begins to suspect that something is amiss. Turning on the television, Morgan discovers news of the train derailment in Boston and realizes that Jason was attempting to reach her, but she failed to answer the phone.

Jason was in his apartment with his son Ari and his brother Eric when Morgan entered. He quickly sent Ari to his room, anticipating a heated debate with his wife. As Eric politely excused himself, Morgan revealed that she wanted a divorce, which left Jason upset. He immediately asked about the man she was sleeping with, but Morgan clarified that it was not the reason for their separation. Jason realized that he had been neglecting his family and that money alone could not make them happy. Morgan pointed out that he only worried about taking care of Ari on his own in the event of an accident, but he lacked the qualities of a dad that were necessary to raise their child. For the night, Morgan decided to sleep in the guest room. Despite living in a high-end apartment, the family’s happiness remained elusive.

After pleading not guilty, Morgan Knight learns from the judge that her felony charge could result in a prison sentence of up to 20 years. The following day, she informs Kashir about her divorce, acknowledging that while he was not the cause, he helped her realize its necessity and move on. As a result, Kashir expresses his satisfaction at being able to assist her. Meanwhile, Jason has been promoted after his company’s profits increased by $36 million, but he is unable to concentrate at work. His focus is on tracking down the man with whom his wife is sleeping with, scouring Pembroke Elementary School’s Instagram page for clues.

Seeking to unburden herself, Morgan confides in a counselor about her marital troubles. During their conversation, she learns about Jason’s difficult upbringing. His parents had passed away when he was ten, leaving him to support himself and his brother. Jason was determined to provide a better life for his wife and child, but in doing so he neglected their emotional needs. Although Morgan appreciated not having to work, she found herself overly reliant on Jason for everything. Feeling trapped, Morgan is now eager to find a way out of her current situation.

On the same night, Jason tries to force himself on Morgan in bed, but she resists and pushes him away. The commotion wakes their son Ari, and Morgan threatens to report Jason to the authorities. However, she ultimately decides against it.

Three months later, Morgan and Jason attend a divorce hearing accompanied by their respective lawyers. Despite agreeing initially to let Morgan have custody of their child, Jason changes his mind and demands custody. He cannot bear the thought of another man being around his child, knowing that Morgan has been unfaithful. Although his plea is ultimately denied, Jason remains steadfast in his pursuit of custody. While his lawyer advises him to let it go, Jason refuses to give up on his quest to win custody of Ari.

Morgan introduces Ari to Kashir, and they hit it off. However, that same evening, Jason stalks them and finds them dining at a restaurant. He visits Eric, whom his wife opposes, knowing the type of person Jason is and can be. Eric is only a resource for Jason when he needs something from him. But his wife can’t prevent them from the meeting. Jason visits Eric and shocks him by asking him to “take care” of the matter so that Jason can keep Ari. It’s no longer a custody matter. It’s a question of power, and Jason always wants to claim the power he thinks he owns.

Eric knows what Jason has in mind and instantly refuses to help. As anticipated, Jason plays the brother card, and the rest is as follows: the following day, Jason meets Morgan to pick up Ari and informs her that he is withdrawing the custody lawsuit. Morgan finds it unusual but eventually agrees. That same night, cops pull her over as she is driving her yellow Porsche with Kashir. The police discover drugs in the trunk, and Morgan and Kashir are arrested.

At the police station, her lawyer informs Morgan that cocaine, scales, and bags were discovered at her residence, and the prosecution has phone records and bank statements as proof. Morgan knows that Jason is responsible for all of this, thanks to the corrupt power that money brings. At the hearing, Morgan’s lawyer explains to the judge and the jury how she needs to be granted bail until her trial. Morgan needs to go to work so that she can feed her kid. The judge agrees, but before she can pass her judgment, the prosecution asks to present their witness… what witness?

Eric has employed Flaco Delgado, a man he knows from his time as a cop, to support the prosecution’s claim that Morgan is a drug dealer. Morgan confides in Kashir, who has already had his charges dropped, that both Jason and Eric are involved in the plot against her. At the next hearing, Jason lies under oath and feigns surprise at Morgan’s situation, while Eric, who is also present, is clearly uncomfortable with his brother’s deceitful testimony.

In a moment of realization, Eric walks out of the courtroom and heads to the bathroom. Jason follows and warns not to speak against him in court, threatening to implicate him in the crime. Eric is torn between his loyalty to his brother and his conscience.

After Eric hired Flaco Delgado to corroborate the prosecution’s claim that Morgan was a drug dealer, Morgan told Kashir that both Jason and Eric were involved. During the hearing, Jason lies on the stand, claiming he did all he could to help Morgan, but Eric can’t bear his brother’s false accusations and leaves the courtroom. Later, Flaco’s testimony is discredited after he fails to identify the model of Morgan’s car. The judge apologizes to Morgan for the misuse of power by law enforcement officers, dropping all charges against her.

Kashir hugs Morgan while Jason walks out, and Eric is arrested in front of his wife, Regina. The episode ends with Ari playing with his mother and Kashir at a park, where he sees his father, Jason, smiling at him from the bushes. It’s clear that Jason won’t stop until he gets what he wants, even if it means hurting their child or Kashir. The extent of his cruelty is unimaginable.

The Episode Review

This episode of Accused has set another new puzzling standard for its viewers. While all the episodes have brought a unique story, Morgan’s is one that we do not see often. The rare depiction of a husband’s maniacal urge to set up his own wife to ruin deserves praise. The acting and writing overall were pretty terrific. One important insight was the continuously kept pace of this episode. It goes to show great plotting while writing the script and conceiving the scenes.

There were many directions in which Morgan’s Story could have gone by the end. Fox must be applauded for adapting the format from the British show and infusing it with American sensibilities. The treatment of the themes and issues is spot on, albeit at times a little redundant.

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3 thoughts on “Accused – Season 1 Episode 12 “Morgan’s Story” Recap & Review”

  1. I was really into this episode until the cop/brother so quickly flipped and agreed to risk it all for his brother who hadn’t paid much attention to him over the years. His brother’s kid, Ari, didn’t even know him! He had a good relationship with his wife, was a standup guy—I just found it too out of character to be believable. Maybe if they’d shown the brother to be even a tad shady I could have gone there, but as written, it made it seem cheesy.

    The ending was open, but I couldn’t tell how true to life and human nature the characters were, since the brother had strayed from his true nature so quickly. I didn’t know if the dad was also doing a 180 and becoming a co-parent. It’s why I looked up a recap, to see what the heck happened. I find it more true to life, unfortunately,, that the twisted dad would stop at nothing. Thanks for the recap so I could figure it out.

  2. Morgan’s Story was very well written and developed, but I was really disturbed by the ending. How does the law work to support Morgan and protect her son from his abusive, controlling father? I realize real life doesn’t always have a perfect ending but it is unsettling to think one evil man with enough money can manipulate a situation, even at the expense of family members he should love and support! Aaaaaarrrrggghh! !

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