Acapulco – Season 3 Episode 1 “Just the Two of Us” Recap & Review

Just the Two of Us

In episode 1 of Acapulco Season 3, Maximo shows up at his daughter Paula’s doorstep with Tulips, forgetting that Paula is allergic to flowers. Since Maximo owns the house where Paula lives, she can’t really turn him away and reluctantly lets him in. Inside, Hugo, Paula’s cousin, asks Maximo about his relationship with Julia, and Maximo continues his story.

Maximo and Julia are now a couple after Julia confessed her love for him at the end of season 2. Maximo also got the promotion he wanted at Las Colinas, the hotel where he’s always wanted to work. Meanwhile, Nora, Maximo’s mother, has found love again and is married to Esteban, a handyman from their neighborhood.

Julia and Maximo have been dating for only a month, so their relationship is still a secret at the resort. They’re struggling to find any alone time despite their strong feelings for each other. Meanwhile, Memo is stressed out and trying to hide from Lupe, his girlfriend’s aunt, because he is running out of time to propose to Lorena.

If you missed the last season, Lupe’s condition was that Memo must propose to Lorena within a month if he is to continue dating her.  During the staff meeting, Diane announced that Maximo would be in charge of the morning meetings from now on. Maximo takes the opportunity to outline everyone’s responsibilities and how they can make guests feel welcome.

When he asks Hector to deep-clean the pool, Hector tries to get out of it by saying he’s going to the hospital to donate an organ. Beto also tries to avoid stocking the pool bar by asking Maximo to assign someone else, claiming he doesn’t want to do it. It’s clear that Maximo’s peers don’t respect him and often ignore his instructions because of Maximo’s easygoing attitude. 

Memo has been hiding in the basement, brainstorming the best way to propose to Lorena, but she can’t decide on a plan. Maximo suggests proposing at the Window to the Sea, a beautiful spot that’s the most romantic in the hotel. The only issue is that it’s usually crowded, but Maximo promises to handle the crowd for Memo’s big moment.

Alejandro pays Diane a visit on behalf of his older brother, Ricardo, who co-owns the resort with Alejandro. After getting ready, Diane gives Alejandro a tour of the resort, introducing him to important guests and to Maximo. Things get interesting when Alejandro asks Maximo to bring him a drink at the “Window of the Sunset,” a spot that Memo is hoping to reserve for his proposal to Lorena.

Maximo goes to break the news to Memo about the unavailability of the spot, but seeing how happy and excited Memo is, he can’t bring himself to do it. Instead, Maximo tells Memo to get ready because tonight he’ll be bringing a delicious bottle of champagne. Later, Maximo tries to persuade Alejandro to move his ceviche testing to another location.

Alejandro agrees but lays out a long list of catering demands, taking up Maximo’s time that he had wanted to spend preparing for Memo’s proposal. However, Memo has a change of heart, deciding that both he and Lorena need more time to get to know each other before taking such a big step.

The seagulls wreak havoc on Alejandro’s ceviche testing, but luckily, Don Pablo comes to the rescue and saves Maximo from disaster. This leads Don Pablo to give Maximo some advice, saying that he can’t be friends with the staff, or they’ll forget that he’s their boss.

Maximo finally realizes that to make Las Colinas thrive, he has to make tough decisions. At the next morning meeting, Maximo grows a beard and docks Hector and Beto’s pay for lying to attend the jai alai finals. Julia also announces that she and Maximo are dating, confirming what the staff had already suspected.

The Episode Review

Acapulco Season 3 is off to a cracking start, and fans are thrilled to see Eugenio Derbez and Enrique Arrizon back as Maximo. There have been some juicy developments since last season that you need to know to fully enjoy the series.

First up, Maximo and Julia are now an item following Chad’s departure from the hotel to go on a journey of self-discovery. Then, since Diane was struggling to balance her expenses, the Vera brothers stepped and now co-own her hotel.

Also, let’s not overlook the spark between Alejandro and Diane; it looks like there’s potential for a new couple alert this season!


Next Episode

You can expect a full season review for Acapulco when this series concludes!

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