Abyss – Netflix Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review


Mi-Do Returns

Abyss is a tough show to nail down. There’s times where I really like the concept and idea of this one, with multiple plot twists and revelations keeping things feeling fresh and unique. Other times Abyss’ lack of explanation over key plot points and a disregard for mentioning some of the past events (just who were the two mysterious people in the opening episode?) make it a tough one to recommend without seeing the full picture first.

Still, we begin with a point of view shot for Se-Yeon for the night she was killed. With echoing voices and a glimpse of Oh’s grinning face, we cut to see the accomplice but frustratingly, still aren’t able to catch a glimpse of their face. After this, Se-Yeon suddenly snaps awake, just in time for Cha Min to take Se Yeon home to sleep where they both doze off. When she awakens, she thinks about kissing him but a call from Hee-Jin throws her off and she quickly pretends to sleep. Hee-Jin then admits she was only using him for money but does reveal that Oh Young-Cheol was actually her step-dad.

While Hee-Jin visits him to make sure their deal is still in place, Se-Yeon organizes dinner with Dong. However a strange woman shows up claiming to be Mi-Do,the woman Se-Yeon has been posing as this whole time.

After an awkward dinner which results in Dong drinking heavily and cursing Se-Yeon for saying they’re just friends, her and Cha Min work together to infiltrate Prosecutor Seo’s office. Once there, they grab surveillance footage and track down where Hee-Jin’s mum is being kept. Together the trio drive over and find an old nursing home. As they rush in, a shadowy figure leaves with Hee-Jin’s Mum, prompting a thrilling car chase that leaves us with one final glimpse of the accomplice’s face. Although it’s difficult to tell, the figure itself looks like Prosecutor Seo.

Abyss continues to deliver twists and turns in its plot line with plenty of time to wrap everything up at the end. While some may be turned off from the lack of explanation, I’m holding out that this one will be more of a slow burn so I’m happy to give it the benefit of the doubt for now. The characters are certainly interesting enough to keep you watching but this whole body-switching trope has been done numerous times in different genres, even other K-Dramas, with more finesse. Abyss is a wacky, weird series and its off-the-wall craziness is part of its allure. I just hope we start getting some answers soon.


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