Abyss – Netflix Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review


Two Of Them

The latest Netflix K-Drama, Abyss, has been a bit of a mixed bag in terms of quality. While the opening episode presented some promise, since then the show has failed to really live up to its unique premise. Thankfully, this episode certainly does well to try and breathe some life into the show. Picking up where it left off from before, Oh Young-Cheol begins the episode with the abyss glowing in his pocket and contemplating his next move while Cha Min lies asleep. Thankfully Se-Yeon appears and enters the room while our antagonist slips away unnoticed. Cha Min then awakens and it’s revealed his long hair was a decoy all along.

Meanwhile Dong sees a man who looks like Young-Cheol slip away and he chases after him in the hospital. Unfortunately he loses him, prompting him to organize the troops back at the station to look out for Oh, realizing he slipped away as a bandaged patient in an ambulance. Before Dong can leave however, Cha Min’s mum arrives, asking who’s in charge of the Se-Yeon case and threatening to sue over the leaked reports to the press.

In a frenzy, she investigates the room and finds documents on Cha Min, leading her to pass out and Cha Min himself arriving. He proceeds to launch an extravagant story about plastic surgery which everyone buys into for now.

Young-Cheol then learns that Se-Yeon has been revived with the abyss and wonders what her new face may look like. In order to find her though, he kidnaps Se-Yeon’s parents and phones Se-Yeon’s phone, telling her to come and get them. She obliges but when she arrives, Oh kidnaps her too and strings her up. Just as he’s about to hurt her, Cha Min bursts in to save the day. At this point, Oh then grabs Se-Yeon’s mum and threatens to bust her head open with the hammer. Begrudgingly, Cha gives up and as Oh leaves, he’s eventually arrested by the police after realizing he has nowhere to run to.

With her mum in hospital, Se-Yeon vows to prove to her mum that she’s her daughter before leaving with Cha Min. However, Cha notices a mysterious man whom Se-Yeon had mentioned previously. When they question him, it turns out the man who actually killed Se-Yeon was not old man Young-Cheol after all – it was a younger man.

Abyss certainly improves a little this time around, injecting the right level of intrigue and mystery into its episode and leaving the door wide open for where this one may lead in the future. Quite what Abyss has in store for us next is anyone’s guess but based on this episode, Abyss appears to finally be breathing some life and urgency into this one. Let’s hope it continues!


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