Absolute Beginners – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Episode 6

In Absolute Beginners Episode 6, we see Lena on a bus. Together with her mom Tamara and stepdad Dawid, she’s in a hotel room. Tamara is taken aback by the fact that Lena is sleeping on the same bed as her, as she hasn’t done that since she was a child. She also tells Dawid about the way Lena looked at her while getting down a slide as a kid, indicating that she was doing it for her.

Does Malwina stay back in town?

On the other hand, Niko is angry because Lena abandoned him after stealing his chip, his card, camera, and laptop. After informing Pawelek that his mother is cheating on him, he takes the latter’s car. Malwina then tells him she plans to travel to Berlin in search of her biological mother after he drops her off at her father’s restaurant.

Does Lena use the sex tape in her film?

Lena shows the sex tape to her mom, Tamara, and gets her opinion on whether or not to include it in the movie. Tamara inquires if Niko and Igor are on board, and Lena responds that they are not. Since art requires sacrifice, Tamara advises Lena against using the sex tape.

On the beach, Lena shows Dawid and Tamara her film. They don’t like it and propose that she remake it. Lena then adds that Niko would have understood it. Tamara retorts that he applied to dentistry school without consulting her, therefore she must also be careful in protecting her own interests. Following this, Lena is seen going into the sea to have a dip.

Do Tamara and Dawid go to Italy?

Dawid asks Tamara on the beach to change her mind about visiting Italy. Dawid starts crying as Tamara tells him he doesn’t have to leave if he doesn’t want to. Following this, the two of them retreat to their bedroom to talk it over.

When Lena arrives at the hotel, Tamara breaks the news that they won’t be leaving Poland for Italy after all. Following this, Lena tells her mother that she did, in fact, slide down the slide for her.

Do Lena and Niko end up together?

Niko arrives shortly after, and Lena returns his belongings to him. Niko then retracts his earlier statement of her being his responsibility. He continues by saying that she is his favourite person in the world. Then he invites her to accompany him, and she agrees.

Lena plays the film for Niko while they drive. After asking her what she meant, Niko takes a recording of her explanation. Then he asks her to incorporate her film interpretation into the final product. He continues by telling her that he needs to find his own thing because she is good at making movies.

The car breaks down shortly after. Niko and Lena were on the way to the match Igor is playing. Given that Niko needs to get there, they halt the car, and he goes to see Igor without Lena.

Do Niko and Igor get together?

Igor loses it throughout the game. He then excuses himself to the locker room while the coach fetches another player. When his mother gets there, he gets irritated with her because she showed up there surprisingly.

Igor returns to the game not long after. The selection officer is really taken by his performance. He approaches Igor with an invitation to play on the senior squad. However, Igor says that he needs to think about it.

Niko drops by when Igor is hanging out with his mum and brother after the game. He then joins the other three for some corn on the cob. When Igor presses for an explanation, he responds that he simply wants to be there. Following this, Niko’s mum suggests going to the beach at night, and they all agree to do so.

Does Lena get accepted into film school?

Lena is shown presenting her video to the jury. She is questioned about the film’s intended audience. Following this, she goes on to dedicate the movie to her best friend, Niko. They ask her if she’ll be able to make movies without Niko at film school. She then assures them that she will manage to do it.

The results are released shortly thereafter. When Lena goes to see if she made the cut, she finds out that she did. Following this, she is seen dancing out of excitement with her new companion as the season comes to a close. 

The Episode Review

In episode 6, Lena’s efforts to complete the movie on time are causing her to feel anxious. Igor, burdened by feelings of guilt, decides to take charge of his life. Malwina plans to visit Berlin in search of her mother. Niko visits Igor, who is pictured here with his loved ones.

Everything is wrapped up neatly in this episode. There isn’t really a resolution in the traditional sense, but we do see where the characters could go.

Compared to the previous episodes, this episode is an improvement. Having said that, the story Tamara tells Dawid about Lena’s childhood served as the very first genuine connecting moment between the two. Aside from that, the show’s relationships remain superficial, giving us no one to root for.

The show’s six episodes showcase stunning cinematography. The landscapes and the visuals are gorgeous. The sound score is equally impressive.

Overall, the series concludes without a true resolution, leaving possibilities open for a renewal. The overall quality of the show was low, and that included its story, characters, and structure. Having said that, the show’s artistic direction and musical score are both fantastic.

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