Absolute Beginners – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Episode 5

Absolute Beginners Episode 5 picks up where the previous episode left off. After having a threesome on the beach, the three of them wake up the following morning. They’re beaming until Igor learns that Lena plans to use their sex footage in the film. Following that, he gets furious and leaves.

After Igor walks away in a fit of rage, Niko attempts to convince Lena to refrain from using the tape as it’s not an important scene in the film. Lena, however, is dead set on using it. After this, Niko successfully takes the chip from her and tells to her that he must first convince Igor. Following that, he leaves to visit Igor.

Bogusia, Niko’s mother, is seen desiring to hang out with her boyfriend. So, she tells her husband Pawelek that she’s meeting Tamara while in reality she’s just lying. She even includes Lena in the lie. When Pawelek calls Dawid to double-check, he finds out that his wife has been lying to him, and he bursts with anger.

Niko, meantime, pays Igor a visit. Igor is given the chip and told to do whatever he sees fit with it. Following this, the duo is seen spending time together, clearly infatuated with each other. Igor returns the chip to Niko and gives him the green light to use it in the film.

A short time later, Niko takes Igor to a hookup home. The sight of his mother and her boyfriend causes him to completely lose it. Despite the fact that she knows he saw her, his mother leaves without explaining anything.

Following this, Niko gets absolutely wasted. Lena and Malwina are now hatching a plan to steal the chip from Niko. Consequently, they decide to host a party and include Niko and Igor in it. Niko and Igor decide to hit up the party in order to get wasted.

Lena approaches Niko when he arrives at the party with Igor. Following that, Niko gives her a hug and opens up to her about his mom’s extramarital affair. However, Lena eventually brings up the subject of using the sex tape in the film, which infuriates Niko to no end. Following this, he starts berating her about how self-centered she is. He storms off in a huff of anger.

Niko is left alone after spending more time with Igor. He can’t find the chip, and his anger at Lena begins almost instantly. He attempts to call Lena, but she doesn’t pick his call. Lena gets on a bus, and the episode ends there.

The Episode Review

In episode 5, growing discord among the friends threatens to jeopardise the project. Niko seeks solace from Lena after a painful realisation.

When you think things can’t get any worse, the show proves you wrong. The show’s morals appear to be questionable, and the plot is both absurd and illogical. Additionally, none of the characters in the story are sympathetic enough to root for.

There’s only one more episode left, and we don’t expect much improvement. However, we’ll have to wait and watch the direction the show takes moving forward.

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