Absolute Beginners – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Episode 4

Absolute Beginners Episode 4 picks up where the previous episode left off. Lena goes on to tell Igor about her plan for the sex scene. Igor expresses the issue with this part of the screenplay to Lena and Niko, claiming that he is a basketball player, not a pornstar. Following this, the trio engage in some banter.

Bogusia now attempts to get in touch with Pawelek. There seemed to be more going on beneath the surface between them. Pawelek sends her a message assuring her that he is well and does not require her to contact him.

The following day, after filming for the scenes, Igor heads back to his stay. There, his friends who play basketball with him give him a hard time about filming.

Malwina is then seen returning home to pack up her belongings. On the way out, she bumps into her dad. He makes an effort to stop her but fails. Malwina is seen crashing in a car, and she is required to make a payment to the owner.

Niko, Lena and Bogusia are seen sitting together. Niko subsequently receives confirmation of his enrollment in dentistry school. Lena sees this message and becomes angry because Niko didn’t tell her about the school application. Following this, she storms off in a fit of rage.

Lena gets a lift from her mum, Tamara, when she bumps into her on the way out. Following that, they head to Malwina’s workplace, a restaurant. A group of men can be seen harassing Malwina. Tamara scolds them and drives Malwina to her place.

Niko is then seen showing Bogusia videos of Igor later that day. She recognises that he likes him. Following this, Niko finally admits his feelings for Igor. Then, Bogusia tells him to go for it. Niko then visits Igor following this. However, Igor backs out of the movie, claiming he needs to focus on basketball.

Niko informs Lena, who returns later that day, that Igor has backed out. Following this, Lena begins to blame herself for driving Igor away. Meanwhile, during a team meeting, Igor steps down from his position as team captain and hands over the responsibilities to another team member.

Igor surprises Lena and Niko by showing up at night and calling for them. Lena and Niko couldn’t be happier that Igor reconsidered dropping out of the film. The three of them then proceed to the beach to carry on shooting.

The sex scene is brought up again by Lena at the beach. Igor is hesitant, but Lena insists that he act nevertheless. Lena goes so far as to say that they have sex while filming. After that, Niko films Lena and Igor having sex. Soon after, Niko joins in, and the three of them get intimate before the episode ends.

The Episode Review

In episode 4, while shooting a major sequence, Lena faces challenges. Igor makes a difficult choice after being shunned by his comrades.

The show’s plot gets increasingly ridiculous with each new episode. The level of craziness in this episode is unparalleled. Under the pretence of sexual exploration, the major characters practically sleep with everyone, culminating in a threesome.

The show is in a shambles, to be perfectly honest. It’s looking increasingly unlikely that the show will be saved. However, we’ll have to wait and see the direction the show takes moving forward.

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