Absolute Beginners – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

Absolute Beginners Episode 3 picks up where the previous episode left off. Lena and Igor are chatting flirtatiously while Niko is drifting off. Niko is seen interrupting them, suggesting his jealousy over Lena’s growing closeness to another guy.

The following morning, Niko takes Igor to practise. Lena reveals her intent to have sex with Igor to Niko’s parents, Bogusia and Pawelek. Bogusia attempts to convey to her that having sex is a serious matter. However, Lena doesn’t take her seriously. Following that, Bogusia calls Tamara and asks her to explain things to Lena. However, she asks Bogusia to keep her distance.

Igor can’t seem to locate his coach during practise. He goes to the coach’s room and discovers the coach naked and covered in blood. While the coach is disoriented, Igor snaps a picture of him in the compromising position. Following that, he offers help to the coach.

Later that day, Pawelek asks Niko if he likes Lena. Niko claims to accept the reality of his inadequacy. His father then urges him to take a chance with Lena and try something new.

Meanwhile, Igor is seen running into his coach. Igor shows his coach the photo he took after receiving his coach’s gratitude for his help. He then threatens the coach with dire consequences unless he is promoted to the senior team.

A short time later, on the pair’s anniversary, Pawelek asks Niko and Lena’s help in springing a surprise on his wife. Lena is reluctant at first because they have so much filming to do. However, Lena and Niko give in to Pawelek’s pleading and help him.

Igor hopes to secretly meet up with Lena and Niko after practise so they can begin filming. He even had the two go to a different beach to shoot so that none of his friends would find out. However his companions find out when they come upon the film’s script. Nonetheless, Igor slips off to work with Niko and Lena. Meanwhile, Bogusia asks Pawelek to take her picture when they are out on an intimate date. When he flat-out refuses to, a fight ensues.

Lena, Niko, and Igor are seen smoking and hanging around after wrapping filming. Weirdly, Lena appears to be flirting with both Niko and Igor. Meanwhile, Malwina just so happens to spot Igor with Lena and Niko.

Following this, Niko is upset that his parents are having a fight. Lena is seen flirting with Igor while assuring him that the situation isn’t serious. As the show draws to an end, Lena asks Igor if they can have sex.

The Episode Review

In episode 3, Lena’s shocking confession causes concern. Niko, meanwhile, struggles with his feelings towards Lena. Igor, on the other hand, uses a potentially embarrassing situation to further his basketball career.

This episode delves deeper into the story and sheds light on the rapport between the trio. The show has been setting up a love triangle for a while now. That said, all the relationship dynamics, whether it’s the elders or the youngsters, are just downright terrible and shallow. Additionally, you don’t actually feel a connection to any of the characters.

So far, the show has been nothing but a huge letdown. Only three episodes in, we can only hope that things improve. We’ll have to wait and see the direction the show takes moving forward.

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