Absolute Beginners – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Episode 2

In the first scene of Absolute Beginners Episode 2, Lena and Niko pull Igor out of the water. Following that, Igor gives Niko a big hug while Lena captures it all on her camcorder. When Igor requests that Lena delete the recording, she refuses. Igor is also in a hurry to get out of there as soon as possible. Igor rushes out while Niko and Lena try to stop him to make sure he’s okay.

The following morning, Lena watches the video she recorded of Igor and Niko hugging the night before. She seems rather pleased with her work. Following that, Lena and Dawid have an exchange about Niko. He suggests that they are too close, like siblings, for him to be interested in pursuing her. This ends up sticking with Lena.

The team’s football players, including Igor, perform poorly during practise. The coach now has second thoughts about making Igor captain. Following this, Igor attempts to make peace with the coach.

Lena can be seen here shooting a few random clips at the beach. In a playful gesture, Niko approaches her. She claims they’re getting too close, so she pushes him away.

Back at the vacation home, tensions between the two families have begun to rise. Lena explains to Dawid that she is opposed to them selling the home. Tamara is inflexible in her stance when Dawid attempts to reason with her.

At night, Lena and Niko pick up Malwina and take her along to the team’s party. Lena and Niko hatch this plan to entice Igor to play a role in their film. On getting to the party, a few teammates push Niko to take some drugs. In light of this, Niko runs away, and Lena and Igor go after him.

Lena and Igor find Niko after a long search for him. Dawid arrives, and he shows the three of them to the home. There was an altercation, and now Tamara wants to leave with Dawid and Lena for a hotel. Lena, however, declines to accompany them and instead stays with Niko’s family.

Lena and Igor talk while Niko is napping. Lena opens up to Igor about living with autism and the difficulties she’s experienced. She then asks Igor if he’d like to act in their film. He appears to be tempted by the prospect.

The Episode Review

In the second episode, Lena and Niko contact Igor about appearing in their movie. Meanwhile, things reach a boiling point at the vacation home as tensions rise between the two families.

This episode delves deeper into the story. Niko doesn’t want to have sexual relations with Lena because he values their friendship too much to risk ruining it. Lena, on the other hand, has autism and seems to be experiencing every emotion intensely. She also seems interested in sexually exploring these feelings with Niko.

To be very honest, the show has reached a stage where it is neither engaging nor enjoyable. It fails to capture your attention and hold it. Other than Lena, none of the other characters are fascinating or charming. We’ll have to see the direction the show takes moving forward. The show has potential, but it isn’t particularly good at this point.

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