Absolute Beginners – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

Episode 1

Episode 1 of Absolute Beginners opens with a clip of the sea. Lena and Niko race toward the water as they spot a boy drowning. Following that, we are taken back in time to find out how things actually begin. Our protagonist Lena, accompanied by her childhood best friend Niko, appear to be heading for a weekend getaway. As it turns out, Lena and Niko need to film a movie they wrote together in order to get into the film school of their dreams.

Following this, Lena pays a visit to Niko at his home. His dad drives them to the train station. As the train pulls away, Niko films Lena striking a pose for the camera. After this, Niko’s father Pawelek drives him a good distance ahead, and Niko sprints to catch the moving train.

The action then shifts to Malwina’s bathroom, where she and a boy named Igor are having a passionate encounter. She then tells Igor to jump out the window and go away since her father is approaching. Igor is spotted by her father, who wants him to introduce himself; nevertheless, Igor gets away.

Lena and Niko arrive at their vacation home to find both of their families already there and having a good time. Lena then discusses the sex scene with Niko as they review the film’s script. Niko is opposed to this and attempts to explain it to her. Lena, however, is convinced that this is an excellent idea and refuses to reconsider.

Following this, a group of teens, including Igor and Malwina, stumble upon them filming and strike up a conversation. Lena doesn’t appear to like Igor’s company, despite Niko’s best efforts at politeness.

Later that night, the families are seen watching videos together. Lena is now requesting Niko to join her in filming the sex scene. Niko clearly doesn’t want to, as evidenced by his responses, but she won’t get the hint. Niko then storms off as his brother mocks him.

Lena then decides to go into the room with him. She can be seen pressuring him to record their sex scene. Niko explains to her that he doesn’t want anything to change in their relationship, but she can’t seem to grasp his point of view. Following this, Niko loses it, and a disappointed and enraged Lena leaves.

Lena returns to the family get-together, and everyone can tell that she’s upset. Then, Lena gets caught in the middle of an altercation between their parents. She then sets off on her own toward the sea, eventually dozing off on route.

The focus shifts to Igor, who is talking with Malwina. He attempts to get close to Malwina by pressing her with personal questions. Malwina, however, continues to dismiss him. When he inquires further, she says that he will be leaving in a few weeks. She explains that she doesn’t want to grow too close to him because she knows their relationship won’t last. Afterward, Malwina joins the rest of the gang for some social time. Igor, on the other hand, strolls in the direction of the sea.

Not long after, Niko goes in search of Lena and discovers that she is sound asleep. As she opens her eyes, he starts filming. When he zooms into the background, he spots a boy drowning. They then set out to rescue Igor from the sea.

The Episode Review

The opening episode sets the stage for the rest of the series. Lena and Niko, two best friends, head to the family holiday home where they want to shoot a film that will get them into film school. They end up meeting Igor, the captain of the neighbourhood high school basketball team.

The primary characters of the show are introduced, and the episode lays the groundwork for what’s to come. However, the plot is erratic, and the characters aren’t introduced very effectively. On the contrary, we’re thrown headfirst into a convoluted plot. If I’m being completely honest, I think the structure of the story could have benefited from a more solid introduction.

When it comes to the primary characters, there hasn’t been anything that’s stood out so far. However, Lena stands out from the others in that she does leave a mark. The story is rushed right from the beginning of this episode, and that includes the introduction of secondary characters.

We’ll have to wait and see the direction the show takes moving forward. Given that the show has potential, we remain hopeful that things improve.


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