A Breeze of Love – Episode 7 Recap & Review

Is it Over?

A Breeze of Love episode 7 starts with Do-hyun walking away from Dong-wook. Dong-wook tries to stop him, but Do-hyun has made up his mind. Dong-wook heads home, and Do-hyun heads to the bar. 

Seung-joo finds him drinking his troubles away and asks what’s wrong. Do-hyun tries to play coy, but Seung-joo says he knows it has to do with Dong-wook.  Do-hyun looks so sad as he tells Seung-joo that it is all over between him and Dong-wook. We can’t help but feel for Seung-joo because he likes Do-hyun. It must not be easy to see the man he loves in pain because of someone else.

After drinking, Do-hyun passes out, and Seung-joo calls Hye-in to join them. He gets drunk and admits he likes Do-hyu. Hye-in promises to keep his secret. 

The next morning, Do-hyun wakes up at Seung-joo’s place. He notices he has missed calls from Dong-wook but ignores them. He also decides not to show up for classes. Dong-wook spends the day trying to find Do-hyun. He asks Seung-joo, who refuses to tell him anything. 

Do-hyun spends the day at a basketball court and reminisces. In this flashback, Dong-wook gets jealous after spotting Do-hyun being friendly with some other guy. It was part of the reason he broke up with him out of the blue – he didn’t know how to manage his feelings for Do-hyun then. 

After spending the day looking for Do-hyun and failing, Dong-wook goes home and packs his stuff. The following day, he decides to leave the basketball team because he knows that if he sticks around, Do-hyun will quit. Seung-joo has mercy on him and finally reveals Do-hyun’s location. He advises Dong-wook to apologise properly to Do-hyun for what happened in the past and now. He calls Dong-wook a coward for always running away regarding his feelings for Do-hyun.

Dong-wook rushes to meet Do-hyun at their former high school to clarify things. He finds Do-hyun playing at the basketball court. Do-hyun has been reminiscing about their time together at the school. He remembers how Dong-wook loved to take candid photos of him and the warm smiles they shared.  

Do-hyun is unpleased to see Dong-wook and asks him to get lost. This time, Dong-wook apologises sincerely, stopping Do-hyun in his tracks. Dong-wook’s narration reveals that Dong-wook fell for Do-hyun the first time he slept beside him.

The Episode Review

These two let a simple misunderstanding fester and keep them apart for five years! Wow! Thankfully, Do-hyun is calm after hearing Dong-wook say sorry, and hopefully, he will listen to the rest of the story. Dong-wook acted immature in the past, and it is a good thing Seung-joo set him straight. We are heading to the last chapter. Let us see if they can fix things between them. 

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