A Breeze of Love – Episode 6 Recap & Review

What Am I to You?

A Breeze of Love episode 6 starts with Dong-wook waiting for Do-hyun at the bus stop at the end of the day. Surprised, Do-hyun asks why Dong-wook is still around when he is already done for the day. Dong-wook brazenly tells him that he is waiting for him. He wants to go home together. Do-hyun is too flustered and can’t help but smile. These two are way too adorable! 

That night, Dong-wook tries to get Do-hyun to let him sleep on his bed, but the plan fails. Instead, Do-hyun allows him only to put a hand on the bed. Even though he acts indifferent, Do-hyun wants Dong-wook to sleep well. Before leaving for class the next day, Dong-wook invites Do-hyun out for dinner. He is getting his cast off and wants to celebrate. He also wants to talk to Do-hyun about something.

At school, Hye-in notices that Dong-wook has been smiling a lot these days. He has also stopped being too grumpy and looks more relaxed. She pesters him to tell her what is going on, but he refuses. He then asks if she knows what Do-hyun likes, but she is no help. During the day, Dong-wook seems happier as he plans his date with Do-hyun. He even goes out to buy Do-hyun new shoes.

Do-hyun is also excited about meeting with Dong-wook later. Unfortunately, he gets hurt after hearing about Dong-wook from Hye-in. Hye-in unknowingly reveals that Dong-wook suffers from chronic insomnia and has been looking for a cure. In the past, he claimed he got something to help with his condition but never revealed what it was.

After listening to Hye-in, Do-hyun feels like Dong-wook has been using him as the cure for his insomnia. He gets angry because he thought Dong-wook is back since he still likes him. He remembers reading Dong-wook’s sleep diary, where he was referred to as the human sleeping pill and gets even more angry. 

Night comes along, and Dong-wook anxiously waits for do-hyun at the restaurant. He wants to apologise and finally confess his feelings. Unfortunately, Do-hyun doesn’t show up and goes to the basketball court to release his frustrations. 

It takes a while for Dong-wook to find him finally, but Do-hyun is not in the mood to talk. They play an aggressive one-to-one game, but they don’t manage to finish it. He says people like Dong-wook, who use others, disgust him. He asks Dong-wook to leave his house immediately. 

Dong-wook is flustered to see Do-hyun so hurt and angry that he doesn’t know what to do, especially after Do-hyun brings up how Dong-wook’s actions hurt him in the past. He tries to explain, but Do-hyun is done giving him chances. He walks away without even looking back.

A flashback to 2018 shows the two boys skipping class and hiding in their usual place. Dong-wook reveals he likes Do-hyun’s scent, and the scene cuts back to what he wrote on his sleeping pill. He still referred to Do-hyun as his human sleeping pill.

Later, we see Do-hyun eavesdropping on Dong-wook’s conversation with a classmate. The classmate pointed out that Dong-wook has been spending a lot of time with Do-hyun. Dong-wook responds it is only because he wants to sleep with him.

The Episode Review

Our boy Do-hyun is done playing nice – and good for him. He should have told Dong-wook how much he hurt him from the start. The only way to resolve things is to deal with them. Ironically, when Dong-wook was ready to apologise and confess, Do-hyun felt he had enough.

With two chapters left, we can’t wait to see how Dong-wook will fix this. Will Do-hyun calm down and at least listen to him? We understand Do-hyun’s anger, but if they are going to end things, a calm closure might be best. Everyone gets to say their piece, and they can decide whether they still have a chance or call it quits. I am all for love, so I hope they have a happy ending.

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