A Breeze of Love – Episode 5 Recap & Review

The New Roommate

A Breeze of Love Episode 5 starts with Do-hyun welcoming Dong-wook into his apartment. Dong-wook starts asking questions and acting like he is in so much pain. This forces Do-hyun to take care of him.

The night proves to be longer when they experience a blackout, and the room gets hot since the air conditioner stops working. Dong-wook also hurts himself in the bathroom, and Do-hyun gives him first aid. Dong-wook asks if Do-hyun hates him, and the latter responds he does. Dong-wook asks why, and Do-hyun starts explaining, but the lights return, and he stops the conversation. 

He goes to his room and initially refuses to let Dong-wook sleep there. After bickering for a while, he allows Dong-wook to sleep on the floor. Dong-wook is happy and says it is still nice sleeping next to Do-hyun.  

The next morning, Do-hyun prepares a heavy breakfast only for himself. Dong-wook doesn’t take offence and waits for Do-hyun to prepare for school. On the way out, he accidentally gets hurt again, and Do-hyun comforts him.  Dong-wok is happy that Do-hyun shows he cares even when mad. He decides to go with Do-hyun to school despite having no morning classes. This warms Do-hyun’s heart. 

Over the next few days, Dong-wook prepares breakfast for Do-hyun every morning. They even go grocery shopping together. They sleep in the same room at night, with Dong-wook sleeping on the floor. One night, he talks in his sleep, asking Do-hyun to stay by his side. By now, Dong-wook is shaking Do-hyun’s heart.  Unfortunately, things get cold again when Do-hyun comes across Dong-wook’s sleeping diary. However, he doesn’t confront him but starts learning more about insomnia.

In a flashback to 2018, we see the boys spending time together. Dong-wook notes that Do-hyun smells nice. In turn, Do-hyun tries to help Dong-wook remove something from his hair. They get close, and Dong-wook kisses Do-hyun. At first, Do-hyun is shocked and then starts kissing him back. 

The Episode Review

These two are so cute, even when they bicker. It is evident that although Do-hyun is still hurt by what happened in the past, he still has feelings for Dong-wook. He acts indifferent towards Dong-wook but still cares enough to take care of him when he is hurt. 

On the other hand, Dong-wook is getting better sleep and is smiling more. He has such a beautiful smile; it is a pity he has been hiding it. Our only issue with their progress is that he has yet to apologise for what happened in the past. Why would he ask why Do-hyun hates him, as if he doesn’t know the pain he caused him? 

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