A Breeze of Love – Episode 4 Recap & Review

Make My Wish Come True!

A Breeze of Love episode 4 starts with Dong-wook asking Do-hyun to move in together. He says he is serious and they made a deal, and he honoured his part. The least Do-hyun can do is keep his promise. Do-hyun is shocked to learn that is Dong-wook’s wish. He asks for time to think about it.

The next day, a hurt Dong-wook shows up at practice. Hye-in asks him to leave and get some rest. Do-hyun asks him to sit and watch practice, but the ball accidentally hits the injured player on the head. Shockingly, he holds his foot instead of his head. Later, he stays back to help Do-hyun finish cleaning up. 

It starts raining on their way out, so Do-hyun shares his umbrella with Dong-wook. Do-hyun then asks Dong-wook to stop coming to practice until he is better, but the latter refuses. Dong-wook keeps flirting with Do-hyun on their walk home, leaving the young man flustered. Dong-wook later updates his sleep diary with a smile, noting Do-hyun as the cure to his chronic insomnia. This is the second time we have seen Dong-wook smile. 

The next day, he asks Do-hyun to give him an answer soon and allows him to do so only until the end of the day. Do-hyun becomes frustrated as he is not sure what to do. He tries to practise but can barely concentrate.

In a flashback to 2018, we see what happened between the two. Dongwook suddenly transferred schools and asked to end their relationship. He gave no reason and walked away after saying he got bored with basketball, too. Do-hyun was hurt and heartbroken. 

Presently, Seung-joo notices that Do-hyun is struggling again. He asks if it has to do with Dong-wook, but Do-hyun doesn’t say much. Later that night, he returns home to find Dong-wook waiting outside his house. Dong-wook points out that it is officially 12:01 am and a new day. As such, he will move in with Do-hyun because the captain never gave him an answer. Do-hyun agrees but informs him that he must leave once healed from his leg injury.

We then see Dong-wook a few hours earlier. He found some photos he had taken of  Do-hyun when they were in high school. The photos stir up warm memories for him. 

The Episode Review

Well, now we know why Do-hyun called Dong-wook a jerk. Dong-wook was so mean and inconsiderate when he ended their relationship out of the blue with no explanation. Honestly, Do-hyun is a better man for being so calm after Dong-wook returned. Most of us would have never spoken to the guy again! 

However, Dong-wook is atoning, and he deserves a second chance. He is already putting in the work, and hopefully, he will apologise to Do-hyun and win his heart again. Nonetheless, we understand why Do-hyun is feeling conflicted. He was hurt with Dong-wook when he vanished into thin air. Do-hyun might still wonder why his ex is back and what he wants from him. At the back of his mind, he might be wary that Dong-wook will disappear again. 

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