A Breeze of Love – Episode 2 Recap & Review

The Deal

A Breeze of Love episode 2 starts with Hye-in asking what is happening and Do-hyun repeating himself. Dong-wook explains they know each other, and Do-hyun questions if the man has what it takes to join the team. Dong-wook suggests they play a one-on-one game and see who is better. 

Do-hyun wins, but Dong-wook proves he is good too. The team asks Do-hyun to consider what is best for them. They are unlikely to get someone as good as Dong-wook on short notice. Left with no choice, Do-hyun agrees to let Dong-wook help them in the next upcoming game. The team members are overjoyed, but Do-hyun is unhappy. 

The recent events get to Do-hyun, making it hard to be in his zone during practice. Seung-joo notices Do-hyun’s struggles and asks if it has something to do with Dong-wook, which the former denies. Based on their interactions, it is evident that Seung-joo has feelings for Do-hyun. Sadly, Do-hyun is clueless about this. 

On the other hand, Dong-wook continues to have trouble sleeping. He has chronic insomnia and keeps a sleep diary. We learn that the only time he has been able to get some decent sleep is when he was with Do-hyun. 

Days go by, and Don-wook starts practising with the team. Seung-joo tries to learn more about the grudge between the captain and the new guy, but his attempts are futile. However, his question leads Dong-wook to notice Seung -joo has feelings for Do-hyun.

One evening after practice, Do-hyun asks Dong-wook to be serious while playing the game as it means a lot to him. Dong-wook agrees, but with one condition: he wants Do-hyun to grant his wish if they win, and he manages to score 20 points independently. Do-hyun is flustered but agrees to this condition.

In a flashback to 2018, we see Dong-wook and Do-hyun meeting for the first time. Dong-wook invited himself to play on Do-hyun’s team. At the time, Do-hyun approached him to ask why he slept near him the day before. They have fun playing basketball. They also play a water game later and start getting closer. 

The Episode Review

The curiosity is killing us; what really went down between Do-hyun and Dong-wook? In the flashbacks, they look so happy and sound together. Why did their relationship deteriorate, and can they fix it? Does Do-hyun still have feelings for Dong-wook?

It may be subtle, but we know Dong-wook still likes him. The man looks at Do-hyun with such longing eyes that it would be impossible not to see it. 

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