A Breeze of Love – Episode 1 Recap & Review

 Like a Breeze, You Came Back to Me!

A Breeze of Love episode 1 starts with someone reading a weather forecast of the day while Dong-wook wakes up. He seems to be worried about something.

On the other hand, Do-hyun is playing basketball when it starts to rain. By the looks of it, these two know each other, and Dong-wook feels Do-hyun suddenly showed up in his life again like a breeze. 

The scene cuts to Do-hyun practising with his team. One is injured, and they have no one else to replace him. The team is worried as their next game is just around the corner, and Hye-in suggests enlisting someone new. She has someone in mind and rushes out to convince them. 

The person she has in mind is Dong-wook, but he is not interested in joining the team. He comes off as a loner who likes to keep a low profile and is friendly with only a few people. He is back at school after taking a gap year and has no desire to make new friends. Hye-in tries to beg him, but he turns her down.

Elsewhere, Do-hyun gets to class late and unprepared for his presentation, angering his professor. Do-hyun cares so much about basketball that he lets his schoolwork slip by. The professor mocks him, calling him a dog who likes playing with a ball.

Back to Hye-in, she refuses to give up and pesters Dong-wook nonstop. She even gets him a jersey and narrates the funny interaction between the professor and the basketball team captain. Do-hyun overhears the conversation but doesn’t see Dong-wook’s face. He starts wondering if the two were badmouthing him but lets it drop. 

Dong-wook heads to the library and thinks he spots someone who looks like Do-hyun. However, he is unable to track the person down. He runs into Hye-in, who insists they clarify the misunderstanding with the basketball team captain and get him into the team.

Dong-wook finally budges and agrees to meet the captain. He is surprised to learn the man in question is Do-hyun. He makes up his mind to join the team. Hye-in introduces them and asks Dong-wook to apologise and clear the misunderstanding. However, Do-hyun gets angry after seeing Dong-wook and refuses to accept his apology., calling him a jerk. 

We go back to the summer of 2018 when the two were in the same high school. Dong-wook liked sleeping next to Do-hyun; that is how they started getting close. 

The Episode Review

It is clear that there is bad blood between Dong-wook and Do-hyun, but what caused it? This is only the first episode; we are getting to know the main characters. It looks like we are in for another cute love story. Our only issue is that the episodes need to be longer. 


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Expect A Full Season Write-Up When This Season Concludes!


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