A Boss and a Babe – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

 Lies & Misunderstandings 

Episode 9 of A Boss and A Babe begins with Gun going after Cher to ask why he is sad and angry. Cher confesses that he is just an intern, and some people tell him that whatever he and Gun have is impossible.

Gun comforts Cher and assures him that what is happening between them is okay and they are free to love each other. They go out to the rooftop, and Gun teases Cher to ask if he is okay. Cher reassures him that he is doing okay. Cher sends Gun away to have his evening meeting.

That evening, Jack asks for forgiveness from Cher for interfering with their relationship, but Cher reassures him that it is okay. Jack breaks the news that his doctors believe that it is okay for him to stop taking Anti-Depressants, and this is met with so much excitement by his friends. Jack gets a notification from his phone of a picture of Gun kissing Cher in the bathroom, with the workers making various comments.

Meanwhile, Gun meets with his mother, who is unhappy about the picture on the internet and Gun’s new relationship with Cher. Gun calls Cher, and Cher replies with a cheerful voice. Gun asks him if he has seen the picture, and Cher replies that he has seen it. Gun asks to see him, but Cher refuses because he is worried he might be seen. However, they later meet and talk about Gun’s mom and the picture. The picture was already taken down but Cher is still worried. Thankfully, Gun assures him that he is willing to fight because he loves.

The following day, Thyme is seen in his boss’s office, where his boss asks him if the game they had been developing differs from his idea because he received some evidence.

The boss accuses Thyme of logging into the rival company’s servers and stealing their information. Ultimately, he is laid off. Gun comes by the office and tells the boss that the whole game idea had been Thyme’s, but the boss reveals that evidence had been sent to them. Gun goes by Thyme’s office and tries to offer his friendship, but Thyme refuses and accuses him of not letting him thrive.

At the office, Cher is asked to cheer Gun up because he is in a foul mood. Cher goes to him and tries to cheer him up. After a  few kisses and hugs, Gun feels better.

Meanwhile, Ink, one of the office workers, complains that she cannot open one of the programs on her computer. Cher goes by to help her but discovers she is the one who sent Thyme’s boss evidence of his crime. They go to the rooftop, where Cher offers to keep quiet about it. Jack comes by and tells them that Gun has called in an emergency meeting.

In the emergency meeting, Gun furiously asks who sent the evidence while he thought that they had finished their argument.  He begins losing his cool and Cher comes forward and admits he did it. Gun shouts at him and tells him that he is disappointed.

Porsche drags him out of the meeting, as Jack asks Cher what the story is; Ink confesses that she had sent the email. Cher reassures her that it’s okay for Gun to think this way. Cher expresses that he has done it, and they will return to where they had been before, and he walks back to Jack, who hugs him tightly.

In the meantime, Gun is drinking himself to oblivion, with Porsche controlling what he drinks. He confesses his love for Cher to Porsche. Porsche asks him if he should not be making that confession to Cher. Cher’s friends meet him at home and offer to stay with him for the night, comforting him. They are chaotic and messy but beautiful to watch.

The following day at work, Gun avoids Cher and does not acknowledge him, instead asking for his regular coffee. That evening after Jack brings Cher back to his dorm, Cher is called through Gun’s phone. Gun went on a drinking spree and was picking fights with the other customers. Cher takes him back to his dorm; Gun, in his drunken state, asks Cher if he has betrayed him. Cher lies and says he did it for Jack.

Gun gets hold of his shoulders and shakes him, and in the process one of Cher’s valued game items falls. He realizes this and leaves Gun standing as he picks up the pieces. Gun asks him if the game is more important than him, to which Cher replies that his mother, Tian, and Throop had bought the game with combined effort between them.

Cher laments that Gun has been a source of chaos to him ever since they met. Gun drags him to stand and hugs him. Cher tries to leave the embrace, but Gun does not stop hugging him. Cher asks him to walk away, but Gun refuses, telling him to stop saying that.

Gun puts a blanket on Cher’s sleeping body, takes the said game, and tries to repair it. Cher wakes up in the middle of the night and watches Gun as he sleeps. The following morning, as Cher prepares to leave, Gun tries to stop him so they can talk, but Cher tells him that they will discuss themselves later after they bail Thoop out of jail. This episode ends with them going to the police station where Thoop is.

The Episode Review

Cher should have taken the time to discuss his issues and fears with Gun, not sidelining him, thinking that everything would be okay. Gun should learn to let go of friends and people who betray him, including Thyme, who took advantage of him.

We have to applaud the other friends, including Porsche, for sticking around with them; he has proven to be a good friend. Does this mean we can be friends with our exes? What are your thoughts?

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