A Boss and a Babe – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

The Inequality in This Love

Episode 8 A Boss and A Babe begins with Gun bringing cake to the office from the hotel; he gives one bundle to Aoi and the other to Cher. Gun tells Cher that he has a swollen eye in an attempt to get him to go to his office with him.

Gun succeeds in this and has Cher follow him, where he asks Cher if he is doing okay. Cher replies that he is not, and asks if he can slack off from work. Gun approves, and Cher sleeps on his thigh.

Meanwhile, some office workers comment that Cher has stayed in Gun’s office for a long time, and Jack overhears this. They proceed to tell Jack to warn Cher about his actions. Cher sleeps until that evening in Gun’s office, and they have supper together.

During Gun’s meeting with Jack and Aoi the following morning, they share their findings about Thyme. Apparently, his work email was still active and logged in frequently, showing that he had access to the company game consuls. Gun sends Jack and Aoi away without answering whether he would pursue the case.

Elsewhere, Thyme is in his boss’s office, who asks him why he has evidence that the game they were creating is the same as that in Gun’s company. Thyme tries to explain himself, and his boss asks him to prove his innocence.

Angry, he finds Gun in his office with his workers as they brainstorm. He hits Gun on the cheek and tells him he will destroy him for trying to ruin his life. Gun replies that he has never wanted anything apart from friendship. Thyme tells Gun that the only thing that makes people stay with him for is money.

Thyme leaves, Gun drags Cher out with him and drives off to a beach. There, Cher comforts Gun, and Gun has Cher promise that he will never walk away from him.

In the meantime, Jack and the other friends discuss what happened in the office. Jack explains that he does not want to stop Cher from seeing Gun, but the office puts much pressure on him. Three asks him to promise that he will talk to them before taking any action.

Back at the beach, Gun asks Cher if he is still worried about Thoop, to which Cher explains that he is. Cher explains his relationship with Thoop and why he still takes care of him even after Tian’s death. Cher tells him all about Thoop’s violent stepdad and his wishes to be there for Thoop. They also talk about Thyme but Gun still doesn’t understand what led to the end of their friendship. They lie down by the beach until morning.

They wake up the following morning and have some fun times playing in the ocean. However, duty and responsibility call and they return to the office.

At the office, everyone is staring and whispering amongst themselves. Jack sees them together and asks to talk to Cher once he sits down. Cher tells him that he will get Gun’s coffee and leaves, promising to take Gun to their friend’s barbeque that evening. Once Cher returns, he invites Gun for their barbeque that evening. He also informs Gun that his teacher will come by the office the following week. Gun asks if Cher’s internship is almost over, to which Cher says yes. Gun complains that he will be sad without Cher around the office and asks Cher to move in with him.

In the evening, as they eat their pork barbeque, Jack explains to Cher that his relationship with Gun is causing chaos in the office. He warns Cher to be careful not to get too attached to Gun as his internship is ending soon.

Gun notices that Cher’s mood has changed after talking with Jack. Cher excuses himself and asks Gun to leave with him. While at home Gun tries to find out what is bothering Cher, but Cher brushes him off. Cher is worried after hearing Jack question the validity of his relationship with Gun who happens to be his boss.

The following day Cher chooses to go to the office separately. He sits on one of the company sofas, lost in thoughts, which worries Jack and Aoi. Jack asks if he did the right thing, and Aoi reassures him that what he did was commendable. A cleaning staff comes by and gives Cher the coffee mug that he had bought and decorated for Gun. He excuses himself and goes to get Gun his coffee.

When he comes back and stands outside the office undecided, Porsche finds him and asks him to join him. Cher refuses and asks him to give the coffee to Gun. Gun asks Porsche who has given him his coffee, and Porsche replies that Cher did and explains everything.

Porsche observes that Gun has a long face and is not happy. He asks Gun what is going on, and Gun explains that Cher looks angry, and he does not understand why. The episode ends with Gun leaving his office, going to Cher, and dragging him away.

The Episode Review

Gun and Cher still have a lot to learn, discuss and communicate. In most cases, a company owner, an employee, or an intern is not ideal in an intimate romantic relationship. In our drama, Gun and Cher have to go ahead and show us that it is possible without it being messy and chaotic, especially in the office. Will they do so though? We’ll have to wait and see!

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