A Boss and a Babe – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Safe Haven

Episode 7 of A Boss and A Babe begins with Cher at Guns place, which he visits unknowingly. Gun comes down to his foyer to take Cher back to his apartment. Cher explains that he cannot mentally explain why he is there. Gun informs him that he is okay with him coming and will wait until he is ready to reveal what’s on his mind.

They spend the night together being all lovey-dovey. Cher then explains that he feels terrible for his friends because he failed them when he needed to help pass the gaming competition. Gun replies that it’s okay and that Cher should invite his friends out to the beach that weekend. Cher doubts that his friends would agree, and Gun tells him that he wants to repay them for the pork barbeque.

Once Cher’s friends agree, all roads lead to the resort owned by Gun. Soon after checking in, we see Jack out by the beach where Three joins him and apologizes for being hot-headed. Three and Jack talk and air out their differences and finally make up. Cher’s friends are happy that they are all on good terms and thank Gun for his hospitality. They begin playing in the water and enjoying themselves.

Evening rolls by and they have dinner by the beach. As they are enjoying their meal, Thoop calls demanding more money from Cher and Cher sends it to him. Cher’s friends notice something is off and are disappointed to hear Thoop called for money again. They warn Cher to be careful as Thoop could be a drug addict, or he is gambling their money away.

Later that evening, Cher helps Gun back to his hotel, where he proceeds to help him wipe his face. Gun confesses his love in his drunken state. Cher puts him to sleep and leaves. We see him sitting by the pool, where Zo joins him. Cher asks is conflicted about his feelings for Gun. He is not sure if what he is feeling is love and asks Zo about his experience.

Zo notes that Cher is spending a lot of time with Gun and asks him what love is to him; Cher remembers Gun’s confession in his hotel room. Zo looks at him and tells him that whatever he remembers is what his love looks like. Zo excuses himself and goes to sleep.

The next morning at the office, Cher and Jack stroll in and meet Aoi, who reprimands them because they met for the weekend without telling her. Cher goes to say to her what happened, and both Jack and Aoi stop him from talking. They take him to a neighbouring café and tell him that he should be careful about his closeness to the boss as people would misunderstand.

They head back to the office with Cher carrying Gun’s coffee. Cher knocks on Gun’s office and takes his coffee to him. Gun tells him that he would love to join him at his house that evening and Cher agrees. Gun tells him they will meet in his car that evening, and Cher returns to work.

That evening, Gun drives them home, where Cher cooks them some noodles for supper; after eating, he sends him to the bathroom as he will be doing some live stream. While streaming, Gun comes out and is seen in the background. His friends try to warn him, but Gun greets his friends and tells Cher to find him in bed. Gun flirts with Cher before they sleep.

The following day in the morning, Cher offers Gun breakfast, and as soon as Gun leaves, Thoop comes by to return the money lent to him. Cher asks Thoop where he got the money to repay him, and he says that he did horse betting; Cher tells him to stop as it is addictive, and Thoop promises to stop and leaves.

As Cher is lamenting about Thoop, Gun walks in and picks up the wallet that he had left. Cher teases him, and Thoop walks in on them in the process. He reprimands Cher, calling him a liar because he had loved his sister. Cher tries to explain, but Thoop walks out on them.

Cher tries to play it all off, but Gun explains that he does not need to try to be strong, especially around him. Gun hugs Cher, while Cher breaks down.

We see Thoop meeting with his friend, who he asks if he can join the job that he had told him about. His friend asks him if he is ready, and Thoop replies that he does not need to worry about other people.

While Gun comforts Cher, Jack walks in on them and excuses himself. Gun and Cher leave, and Gun promises to meet Cher that evening. Jack does not reprimand Cher for his choices and promises to be there for him should he change his mind. Later in the day, Cher texts Gun telling him he will meet him; Gun asks him if he is still okay. This episode ends when Cher and Gun are making plans for that evening.

The Episode Review

Gun is doing an excellent job of assuring Cher and being there for him while also trying to ensure that Cher is not sad. He is attentive, meaning that Cher opens up more about himself than before. Cher should stop being a good brother for once towards Thoop because Thoop is taking advantage of him.

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