A Boss and a Babe – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

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Episode 6 of A Boss and A Babe begins with Cher cooking his noodles. He gets a flashback of Gun telling him to leave and Jack telling him that the further he walks, the harder it will be to step back. Gun knocks on his door, asking him if he has an answer to the two questions he had asked previously. He asks Gun if he likes him, and Gun replies that he does and whether that will make Cher uncomfortable.

Cher proceeds to tell him that his internship is coming to an end within a month. Gun admits he likes Cher but Cher is wary about his relationship with Porsche. Gun explains that Porsche is an ex who is now a close friend. Cher still thinks that Gun is hiding himself and wants him to stop. He feels that it is bringing distance between them.

Gun reassures him that he is working on getting them to know each other better. They tease each other and Cher requests Gun not to tell anyone about their relationship.

Elsewhere, Jack is helping his mother with laundry, and he tries to tell her not to work too hard because he will help once he gets a pay raise. Jack’s mum explains that she cannot stop working as she would be too bored.

In the meantime, Three is feeding Zo some soup since he is sick. Three asks Zo if he is studying and playing together has tired him that much. Zo hugs Three and tells him not to blame himself as he does not cause it. Three reassures Zo that he does not condemn himself but understands that everybody has problems.

The following day at work, Gun walks in, and Cher calls him to say hi, which he doesn’t react to. Cher reprimands himself for shouting about it.

Later that morning, Gun calls Aoi’s to see Cher, and Jack asks him what he has done because Gun is furious. Cher walks in and asks Gun why he has called for him. He replies that he has missed him and wants to see him. They tease each other, and Gun puts his head on Cher’s lap, requesting to sleep on him.

During lunchtime, Jack asks Cher why he had gone to the Gun’s office, asking him if he had asked about the game they had worked on for a while. Cher promises to ask about it, and they head back to the office. That evening Cher’s friend Thoop swings by and asks for money since he crashed his friend’s car.

Gun calls Cher and tells him that he is in a hospital after suffering an injury. Cher gets to him and takes the guy home, helping him around. Cher asks Gun how his meeting with Thyme was, and we get a flashback to show more. Thyme was rude and confrontational. He didn’t care to listen to Gun’s explanation and they ended up exchanging harsh words again.

Gun explains to Cher that he cannot do anything. Cher tells him about Jack and his treatment for Depressive Disorder. Gun wants to offer financial help, but Cher tells him that Jack may refuse to accept the help. Cher reveals that they had played a tester version of the game provided by the competition company, and Gun asks if he thinks there is a mole in the team.

The next day, Cher and his friends meet up after losing the past game. Three reprimanded them by telling them they did not put effort into the game. He fights with Jack, who tells him he has responsibilities and a job. He then leaves, and Zo follows to calm him down. Tub encourages them to eat the barbeque he has brought.

Jack asks if he had been too harsh with Three and stands up to go and clear up with Three. Tub tells him to sit to allow the both of them to calm down before talking again.

Elsewhere, Three is pacing in his room when Zo comes in, tries to cheer him up, and encourages him to be calm even if he wants to win in that competition; there are many more games for them to win. He teases Three, and they end up in a playful moment.

Meanwhile, back in the office, Aoi brings Gun coffee, and he asks her where Cher is. She explains that Cher and Jack took a day off to participate in a games competition. Aoi compliments Gun and tells him that he is more lively than before, and Gun explains that it is because of someone.

Aoi comments that Porsche would be jealous, and he replies that maybe they were not meant to be together as they are more like friends. Aoi asks him if Cher is different, and he does not respond.

The episode ends with Gun getting a flashback to his last time with Cher when they kissed.

The Episode Review

Gun has made an effort to have a healthy relationship with Cher. Cher and his friends have had a moment of clarity that everyone has their problems and to see Gun understand Jack’s case was beautiful to see.

I also feel that Jack’s story can elevate the series further. I would like to know more about him as his character has a depth that the writers are yet to dig deeper into. Hopefully we’ll get that in the episodes ahead.

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