A Boss and a Babe – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Green-eyed Monster

Episode 5 of A Boss and A Babe begins with Cher waking up in Gun’s bed. In shock, he pushes Gun out of bed. Gun prepares them breakfast but Cher mistakenly reveals that his employees fear him, so he asks Gun to explain it so that he can work towards becoming an excellent boss to them.

Cher arrives late at the office and finds Gun inquiring with Aoi about the status of the food order he had requested. Jack asks Cher where he has been, and Cher stammers trying to explain himself and nervously talks fast.

During lunchtime, the employees find the office offers lunch that will be given every Tuesday and Thursday with complimentary beer every Friday. Cher remembers talking with Gun about it. Elsewhere Zo visits Three at the gaming café and sits on his lap; they tease each other as if they are boyfriends.

Later, Cher goes to Gun’s office to take his coffee which is now in a cute coffee tumbler with the word ‘whatever’ as an identifier. Gun asks Cher if Jack has said anything, to which he replies no, he hasn’t; Gun explains that Jack had been worried about him and had called Gun asking him if he had seen Cher.

Cher is shocked because Jack would have asked questions about him and Gun, but he has not; he wonders how he is such a good actor. Cher leaves to look for Jack and finds him taking his medicine. He questions Jack about why he has not asked him questions regarding the situation.

Jack was under the impression he did not want to talk about it, and all his friends had gone searching for him. Cher finally confesses that he had got into a bar fight.

Elsewhere, Thoop looks at Tian’s picture longingly and remembers when she and Cher had wished him a happy birthday and brought him a cake. They had him say a wish, but Tian noted his desire for him. She wished him a healthy life and to meet good people. He says Tian should be his older sister and her stubborn brother in the future.

Meanwhile, as Cher comes out of the bathroom, his phone starts ringing. It’s Gun. Cher explains to Gun that he will be gaming for the rest of the night but Gun requests to watch him stream his play through face time, to which Cher agrees. When the game begins, they start to bicker, and the people watching the stream also notice. They ask Cher who he is talking to and if he is his lover, but Cher refutes these claims. Gun falls asleep while watching Cher stream.

The following day at the gaming café Jack comes in and asks Cher if he has talked to Gun about the game, to which Cher replies that he did mention it and Gun had promised to speak with Thime. Zo tells them that the game teaser that Jack had given him to play is shockingly the same as what Thime has.

One of the friends advises them to investigate, and when they have a good answer, to tell Gun. That evening as Cher prepares to sleep, Gun texts him that he is out of town and will not be back until the following day. He tells Cher to go ahead and sleep.

The next day in the office, Porsche and Gun comes in bearing gifts which they give out. Cher sees them together, and Porsche tells them he cannot allow Gun to travel alone at night. Gun excuses himself and heads back into his office. Porsche offers to pay for the office’s lunch. They head out, but Cher is still pissed off and Jealous, he plays around with his food, and when Gun asks him what is wrong, he ignores him and goes to the toilet.

Gun follows him there and asks how he is, but Cher ignores him and returns to their table. Later as they are about to leave, Jack and Aoi leave Cher in Gun’s car. Cher tries to open the door, but Gun has put it under the child lock. He asks Cher why he is angry, and Cher replies that he no longer feels vital in a confident person’s life.

In the meantime, during their gameplay, Cher is absentminded and does not participate in the game which makes Three angry, and he storms out. Jack asks him if it is about Gun, but Cher brushes it off and leaves. At Three’s house, Zo tries to calm him down and faints from a fever.

That evening, Gun texts Cher telling him that he will meet with Thyme the next day and that he will not need his company. The following day Gun storms into his office, Cher goes in and tries to calm him, but Gun sends him away. Porsche comes by and goes into his office for the rest of the day.

A concerned Jack tells Cher to be careful because he might get hurt. That evening, as Cher prepares his noodles, someone knocks on his door, and he thinks he is hallucinating when he sees Gun.

The Episode Review

Sometimes being friends with an ex will not add value to the current relationship. Gun needs to explain to Cher who Porsche is to him, even if they are best friends. It is clear that Porsche’s presence brings out a jealous streak in Cher and feelings of inadequacy, while Jack has every right to feel concerned.

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