A Boss and a Babe – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

I Can Be Your Safe Haven

Episode 4 of A Boss and A Babe starts with Gun and Cher at Cher’s home in the countryside. Cher jokes that his mother sent him to Bangkok because he talks too much. He teasingly asks Gun if he has fallen for his charms, to which he retaliates by telling him they will soon find out who liked the other first.

After bickering at home, Cher takes Gun out sightseeing. Cher introduces him to his local delicacies, including Roti and sticky rice porridge. Gun complains that he feels like everyone is watching them, but Cher replies that it is a small community, so they are curious about him since he is new.

After buying a drink, Cher asks Gun when he first realized that he likes boys. Gun can’t remember, but he does remember his mother taking him to different places, including meditation in a temple. His mom was hoping he would change, but that did not happen. She eventually stopped after it became too much.

Gun asks him if he has ever loved anyone, and Cher remembers a friend he once loved deeply. On their way back, they pass through a rice plantation and run into a dog chasing them.

Elsewhere, Thoop visits his home, but he is there for money; he takes a jar, fights with his dad, smashes the jar and takes the money. Cher drives up and finds this happening. He tells Gun to wait as he runs up to hold off Thoops’ dad from beating him, and he gets hit. Thoop takes that moment to run away as Thoop’s mother threatens to call the police. Gun looks at him, proposes to take them home, and asks Cher to trust him.

They head out to a Gazimbo, and Gun asks Cher if he has something that he wants to tell him, like why people are staring and why he left a drink by the lake. Gun tells him that he should talk about what happened, but Cher replies that he should not ask about it as he is one person who keeps things to himself.

Gun explains that this changed after he had started talking to Cher about them as he realized that it could be exhausting to keep things to himself.

Cher asks for a hug and promises to talk later about what happened. They get back home and choose to leave for Bangkok. They say their goodbyes and off they go. Cher tries to apologize to Gun for ruining their trip and taking him through so much on that day. Gun reassures him he is happy in that moment and place.

The following day, as Gun is taking a nap, Porsche gets in and sits at his table; Cher walks in on them and leaves his coffee on the table after watching Porsche look at Gun.

Back in the office, Gun wakes up to find Porsche on his office sofa and asks when Porsche had come by, to which Porsche replies that he came by in the morning and found him deeply asleep.

Gun sees his coffee and asks Porsche if he has seen Cher, to which Porsche asks if the said guy is the one that he had told him about. Gun replies that he is. Porsche enquires about their tour, and Gun explains that it had been both good and bad because something happened that Cher was not ready to talk about.

After lunch, everyone is back. Cher and Jack are bickering when Gun and Porsche come by; Gun tells Cher that he loves the coffee, but Cher ignores him and goes back to his station. Gun tells Aoi that he is gone for the rest of the afternoon and they will meet the following day for a meeting. Porsche tells Gun as they leave that Cher is jealous and Gun should thank him for it.

Cher, out of anger, tells Jack that he will leave early to meet with his high school friends. That evening, as Gun is thinking about Cher, he receives a call from Cher telling him to go and get him. We then understand that Cher has got into a bar fight after someone disrespected Tian, an old friend whom he loved. His friends had said that Tian was a slut because she died while she was pregnant.

Gun heads to the police station and bails Cher out. He offers to take Cher home, but she tells him he wants to be with him. They take a stroll, and Gun helps care for Cher’s wounds. Cher then tells Gun about his friend Tian whom he had once loved; he had gone to her and told her about her singing and editing their videos, to which Tian had replied that it was too late. By then Cher had not understood why until Tian’s body was found in that pond, and she had been pregnant.

Everyone assumed he was the father even though she rejected him when he asked her to be his girlfriend. He blames himself for what had happened but Gun tries to help him understand that he might have been the only good thing in her life.

They head back to Guns’ apartment, and Cher asks if he can take a sip of the whiskey on Guns’ table, proceeding to get drunk as the night continues. The episode ends the following day as Cher wakes up on Gun’s arm, and Gun curls up, startling him.

The Episode Review

It was moving when Gun helped Cher understand that whatever happened to Tian was not his fault. Because in life, we sometimes feel guilty about the things that happened to others, thinking that maybe we should have noticed, but sometimes that is impossible.

Gun helped Cher realize that having a safe space to talk about our guilty feelings is okay because it can be exhausting to carry it all in our hearts. I am looking forward to how this relationship progresses but so far so good!

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