A Boss and a Babe – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

 A Refreshing  Trip

A Boss and A Babe Episode 3 begins with Laem’s friends watching an online game in their studio. Cher walks in looking crestfallen and puts his chin on the reception area table. He asks them what status people who kiss each other have; his friends tease him about this though, but he plays it off because he cannot explain that he kissed Gun.

Elsewhere, Gun’s ex gets into Gun’s house, finds him sitting in his living room, and asks if he has changed anything. Gun replies that he has kept everything the same. He tells the ex that he got himself a good friend out of their relationship. Gun asks him if his boyfriend is okay with him staying in Thailand for a long time, and he replies that he is.

The ex quizzes Gun about whether he has a special someone in his life, someone who makes him smile. As a result of this, we see a flashback of him and Cher eating noodles in Cher’s place

Gun explains that the person who makes him smile is an employee and an intern, telling him that he would meet up with Thyme about the game. The ex asks why he replies because someone told him to fight for everyone, to which the ex asks when he began listening to what others are saying.

In the meantime, Cher and his friends are at a gamer café playing. One of the friends asks them to remain for one more round, to which Cher and Jack give excuses as to why they cannot stay and play. Three thinks Cher and Jack are not taking the game seriously like before. He is worried they will be defeated in future gaming competitions.

Elsewhere in the morning, Cher walks into the office, and an older staff member reprimands him for being 15 minutes late within the first few months of his internship. Cher lies that he is sick, so he is late that morning. Gun comes to his rescue, takes him to his office, and teases him about lying about being sick. He gives him his ID company holder and trades innuendos about giving and taking back what he has given and giving it all, and also taking it all. It’s a cute moment between the two.

In the meantime, an old friend of Cher’s texts him to ask for money. Then, while they are eating, Jack encourages him not to give the old friend money because he could be gambling it all away. He meets Thoop for coffee, and Thoop guilt trips him to provide more money and tells him to stop worryingas he was never his problem.

That evening as Cher gets home, Gun video calls him. He takes his clothes off to the washroom for a quick shower. Cher takes his phone to the bathroom with Gun still online. He tells him he will take a leave day that Friday to visit his mum, and Gun requests to accompany him.

Elsewhere on that day, Gun is waiting for Cher to come out of his house, and they drive off. At an intersection, Gun parks the car and pushes back Cher’s chair. He has a moment of staring, and we see Cher later and he admits he pretended to be asleep.

In the village, Cher’s mom teases him, and together with his grandma, Gun is put to work to help around the restaurant. That night Cher and Gun share a room and tease each other. They are playful, which is a beautiful thing to see. This episode ends with them cuddling each other to sleep, and Cher groans about Gun cuddling him.

The Episode Review

A Boss and A Babe delivers a heartwarming episode that puts our two leads’ feelings for each out here for all to see. It’s great to see the soft spot that Gun has developed for Cher. While playful, it feels beautiful to see him lively and different from the usual CEO we often see.

It also seems that Cher is holding back and Gun is trying to be sure about his feelings for him. It is nice that they are getting to know each other away from the office. For a man who is extremely particular about everything, Gun seems at ease being at Cher’s house. Hopefully, their relationship will progress more in the next episode.

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