A Boss and a Babe – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Do You Want More Than A Hug?

Episode 2 of A Boss and A Babe starts with Gun signing papers, and Cher coming in and delivering a drink, one recommended by the barista. He tells Gun that he still remembers that he should knock on the door before entering.

Gun accuses him of sleeping during their call and leaving him awake all night.  Gun says the coffee is good, giving Cher free rein to choose coffee.

Meanwhile, Cher and his co-workers come back from lunch, and they ask if he is enjoying his internship, to which he replies that he is and loves it. They ask if he is to be employed would he take it? Playing games feels like the only way to make money. A cutting comment from other co-workers about him being Gun’s partner is quite patronizing, and Cher comes by and asks them if they are talking about him. They answer affirmatively and add that they always see him entering and leaving Gun’s office.

They are curious whether he gets sexually harassed at the Gun’s office, to which he replies that he doesn’t. They tell him that they heard people say that he is gay. In his kind manner, Cher scolds them and tells them to support those who love each with no bias. It just happens that the Gun hears it and leaves. Cher excuses himself and promises to send them a link to sign a petition about same-sex marriage.

Cher joins  Gun in his office and asks how much of the conversation he has heard; he tells him he should dispel the rumours, especially those that are not him. Gun replies that if he does that, he becomes like them. Gun asks if Cher is shocked that he doesn’t like women, to which Cher wonders why he should be. We learn that when  Gun tells other people, they are shocked. Cher accepts him as he is, and he finds it shocking.

Chers tells him that he is happy with all kinds of love. His friends have the same type of love. His friend Jack and himself are used to this type of love. Gun tells him that other people are okay until they start asking condescending comments. Cher suddenly hugs him and Gun says he thought Cher would be disgusted with him.

Cher asks him if, with the hug, he feels disgusted with him and tells him to become his old self.  Gun complains he doesn’t like kinship with people he is not close to. Cher offers his afternoon snack to his Gun and leaves.

Elsewhere, a game has been launched with the same name and content as the one the team is developing.  In a flashback we see Gun and a friend, Thyme talking about their recently launched company.

Unfortunately, they parted ways and now Thyme is launching a similar game with his company. Gun gives a directive to have a new concept for the game. He says Thyme has every right to the game, even if the current game is 80% done. He leaves and goes to the rooftop. Cher follows him out and tries to cheer him.  Cher asks Gun to reconsider finishing the game as everyone worked hard on it.  Gun promises to consider it, and Cher invites him for a pork BBQ that evening.

Later that evening, Cher’s friends prepare for the BBQ, complaining that they can’t use a charcoal stove with Gun around. Two of the friends are in a relationship, and they have become pretty lovey-dovey, to the dismay of the other friends. Right then, Jack and Cher walk in. As always, they are bickering when Gun comes in, and they stand and act silly. They then proceed to enjoy the BBQ, and  Gun loves it. He leaves, and he promises to think of the game. Cher promises to call to help him sleep that night.

His friends stare at him and demand to know his intentions with  Gun. They explain that if he doesn’t have pure intentions with Gun, he should stop before it gets serious.

Meanwhile, Gun is getting ready to go to bed while still remembering his friend Thyme. He holds a picture of the two together in his office, Cher calls him at that moment and tells him that he predicted that he hasn’t slept yet. Gun complains that he is being spoilt and won’t be able to sleep unless he talks to him every night. Gun challenges him to call him until he gets tired of him, and Cher accepts the challenge.

The next day, it is reported that Gun won’t come in . Jack is also out of the office, and Cher reveals that he has a depressive disorder and a doctor’s appointment to get to. Aoi tries to get more information on what led to the depression, and Cher explains that it’s because of his family. Later, we see Gun coming into the office; Cher tells him that his plan to leave early has been destroyed.

Cher is left in the office after Aoi convinces him to wait for a package she needs to bring. It soon starts raining, and Gun offers to take Cher home. On getting home,  Gun teases him and tells him to stop translating other people’s words into his language. Cher offers him noodles as they wait for the rain and traffic to subside.

Gun stays in and enjoys the noodles. We get to see him smile more and have fun. Moreover, we learn that the Gun is worried about the company and tries to warn Cher by telling him that he has no friends and is antisocial. Cher tells him that he has more friends and has him. Then asks him if he wants more than a hug. They challenge each other and kiss.  Gun tells Cher his face says he wants more, and they kiss even more deeply.

The Episode Review

We see Cher accepting Gun as he is and not judging him. Cher has a point, love is love and we should not be judging the LGBTQ+ community. Gun is also right too, in that most parts of the world acceptance is still an ongoing process.

Cher and Gun are getting closer and as much as we love seeing it, I hope they get to learn more about each other. Gun is slowly opening up to Cher and I want to see if they will discuss the sizzling kiss in the next episode. Hopefully, they will admit they like each other and not play the clueless game.

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