A Boss and a Babe – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

The Cute Intern and the Scary Boss

Episode 1 of A Boss and A Babe starts with Cher, who is to become an intern at a game design company. It’s his first day of work, and he is about to be late; his friend Jack comes by and calls him to remind him that he will be late. We are then mirrored between Cher and another young man who is both clean and efficient.

Cher and Jack get to work, and here we meet their workmates. Cher is then sent to get coffee with specifications about Gun’s drink, proving hard to remember and say. While Cher is in the toilet, he meets Gun and becomes flustered. He returns with the coffee and takes it downstairs to the meeting room, where we find Jack and the team being reprimanded for not following the instructions given.

A back-and-forth argument between Jack and Gun ensues because Cher speaks without thinking, even about the consequences. So far, we have learnt that Cher tends to talk without any thought. Gun asks him for his opinion, which he gives without hesitation. We get to know that Cher had won an award for being a top game player, and this helped him land his current job. The rest of the employees in the company have different opinions about Gun. Gun has a reputation for being a difficult boss who doesn’t appreciate being interrupted, especially by interns.

Gun then calls for Cher and proceeds to say very vaguely that he knows him. It turns out that Gun watches Cher’s YouTube ASMR channel and that helps him sleep. Gun asks Cher what he should call him and says he should be called Laem or Cher.

Gun moves close and places his hand on Cher’s eyes and insists that he recognizes him. Gun then ask Cher why he didn’t upload an ASMR episode since last week. He then tells Cher he will call him later at night to hear his voice to help him sleep.

Later, Cher and his friends celebrate his first day as an intern and head out to eat beef. The friends ask him about his first day and he brags that Gun surrendered to him. Jack asks what Gun told him while he was in his office. Cher doesn’t answer and stays mute; in a flashback though he remembers what Gun told him and decides not to tell his friends.

Cher tells his friends that he will leave early and does just that, but Jack stops to ask again. He then tells Jack that he had better be nice to him because Gun is a fan. He goes home and anxiously wonders if Gun will call as he had said. After taking a bath, he calls Gun and they talk about the company, and Gun tries to gauge what Cher thinks about him.  Cher finds Gun too uptight and asks him to step out of the box. He advises him to take more risks. As they talk, Cher falls asleep.

The next day  Jack picks Cher up and is shocked to learn called Gun the previous night. He warns Cher to be careful not to lose his internship.  Gun comes in late , dressed casually. While others don’t talk to him, Cher asks him why he is late, and Gun sends them away with a request to get him coffee. The coffee is as per the order but with whip cream. He sends Cher back to get him coffee of any type but without the whipped cream. He contemplates why he is giving in to anything Cher wants.

Cher’s colleagues also worry that he is pushing his limits too far and warn him not to get too close to Gun. Cher thanks them for their concern and leaves. The episode ends with Gun opening the door as  Cher comes back in and they collide. Gun holds Cher to prevent him from falling and for a few seconds, they stare into each other’s eyes.

The Episode Review

This is only the first episode and it is clear that Gun is attracted to Cher. They are treading a fine line as Gun is his boss. However, this is an office romance so we are fully prepared to see how the boss navigates a relationship with one of his cute employees.

Hopefully, they will do away with some of the awkward conversations and the over-acting in some scenes. We’re certainly looking forward to episode 2 and based on the trailer, things are going fast. What did you enjoy the most in this episode?

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