A Boss and a Babe – Season 1 Episode 12 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

True Love Stories Never Have Endings

Episode 12 of A Boss and a Babe begins with Gun dreaming about the return of Cher. He still misses him dearly and is hoping he will change his mind and come back to him. He gets to the office and notices Jack is absent. Aoi explains to him that Jack is away for the game competition. One worker forgets and mentions Cher.  Hearing Cher’s name is hard for Gun but he takes it in his stride.

Elsewhere, Jack, Cher, and their other friends celebrate winning and becoming champions. They are also excited about Cher’s graduation which is set to happen in two days. Cher informs them that he is not going to the ceremony and Jack asks what the point of buying a graduation gown was. Cher refuses to explain his reasons and calls Jack nosy.

Did Cher graduate?

Cher graduates but he didn’t end up going to his graduation ceremony. He had Jack pick him up and drop him off at the company.  He also brought with him the championship cup and his diploma.

What happens when Cher sees Gun?

Upon seeing Gun, Cher kneels and presents the championship cup and his diploma to Gun. Gun is confused and Cher officially asks him to be his boyfriend. Cher goes on to explain that he stayed away to focus on his studies and become a better match for Gun. He wanted to prove that he is worthy of being with Gun and didn’t want people labelling their relationship as a mere ‘intern and boss’ fling. He also didn’t want to cause Gun more trouble with his mom.

Cher doesn’t get to finish his speech because Gun envelopes him in a big hug. After hearing Cher out, Gun kisses Cher as the whole office cheers them on. They confess their feelings for each other and head into Gun’s office.  There they continue to kiss and talk about everything. Gun tells Cher that it was hard for him and Cher confesses it wasn’t easy for him too.

What happens with Gun’s mom?

Initially, Gun’s mom was against their relationship because she felt that it was tainting Gun and the company’s image. After Cher proves himself and gets back with Gun, they meet for Lunch with Gun’s mom. Gun’s mom is impressed by the love that Cher has for her son. Cher promises to take care of Gun and continue working on himself. She changes her opinion of Cher and promises to talk to Gun’s dad to convince him to let them date.

What happens to Thoop?

Thoop and his mom reconcile and it looks like he has changed his ways. He also gets closer to Cher and they become more like brothers.

What happens to Cher’s friends?

They remain tight-knit and never stop teasing each other. Three and Zo continue to date happily and their sweet moment leaves us with butterflies.

Do Gun & Cher have a happy ending?

Yes, Gun and Cher continue to date and Gun makes Cher promise not to leave him like that again.  They still meet up with Jack and their other friends and Cher always visits Gun in his office. The episode ends with them confessing their love for each other at the New Year’s Eve party.

Episode Review

What a sweet ending to a rather cute and funny show. ForceBook has proven that they have grown as actors and we can’t help but look forward to their next project.

The show was funny, relatable and touched on various issues that society is grappling with. I only wish we saw more of Jack’s story. I feel that he is a character that was not well covered in the show. Other than that, this was an enjoyable watch.

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