A Boss and a Babe – Season 1 Episode 11 Recap & Review

Painful Decisions

Episode 11 of A Boss and a Babe begins with Gun and Cher in bed. As Gun is sleeping, Cher watches over him, but Gun abruptly tells him that he likes to pretend that he is asleep to allow Cher to take advantage of him. Cher grunts and says that Gun is annoying. Gun sits up, holds Cher close to him, and exclaims that he loves Cher.

Cher tells him that they should get ready to go to work. He heads off to shower, and Gun tries to invite him to shower with his, but Cher refuses.

Meanwhile, at the office some workmates gossip about Gun and Cher, saying that Gun does not want to be with Cher. Jack comes in just in time and tells them to stop gossiping about others and return to their workstation. He threatens to send the CCTV footage to the company’s chat room.

Cher reprimands him by saying he was the one who said there is no company CEO and an intern. When Gun and Cher enter the office, Jack and Aoi watch them. Jack asks Cher what happened between them, but Cher does not answer. He asks them who is signing his college internship papers. Aoi tells him that she is the one taking care of it.

Ink asks to talk to Cher, and Cher replies that he also has something to tell her. They meet outside, with Ink confessing that she felt guilty, which is why she admitted to Gun. Cher tells her that she helped in bringing him and Gun closer. Cher asks why she did not tell him, but she replies that Gun has sworn her to secrecy as he waits for Cher to confess it himself. Cher promises to forgive her.

Cher goes to Gun’s office and tries to have Gun order his coffee. Gun flirts with him and asks whether he should call him boss or babe, fluttering Cher. He drags him to the nearby café where he has Gun order coffee while he is watching.

As Cher is packing away his stuff at the office, Aoi and Ink complain that they will miss him. They tell him that the workstation will be quiet. Cher hugs them and explains that he will miss them so much. He goes to have Jack, but Jack stops and tells him he will see him daily. Cher comes back and hugs him tightly.

The Gun comes by and calls out for Cher, asking them what they are doing. Cher tells him that his workstation friends are treating him to a meal and asks if he wants to join them.

During lunchtime, Gun is fed by Cher, with Cher bringing his side dishes according to his food preferences. Aoi and Ink ask Cher about it, and Cher explains that feeding Gun does not take much. Back at the office, Cher visits Gun’s office and asks to sleep on the office sofa. Cher invites Gun to the gaming café that evening to eat with him.

That evening, Three and the others play the role of being good hosts even if they know that Cher is not with them mentally. After eating, Jack and Cher take the utensils to the kitchen, and Jack asks Cher if he is going home or if he is staying with Gun. Cher replies that he will stay with Gun; Jack speculates if it will be the last time, and Cher confirms.

When they return to Gun’s house, Cher has him help wash his hair. Gun agrees to it and confesses his love to Cher. Cher reveals his love to Gun as they sleep and drifts off to sleep.

The following day he walks out and leaves a letter for Gun inside his work card. When Gun wakes up and does not find Cher, he sees the card. On the back, it has the letter addressed to him. Cher tells him not to search for him and asks him to be more active with the other company members.

Gun reverts to his old self and becomes self-critical. He sits in his office and cries, asking how he didn’t see it happening.

Gun calls Jack, asking him about Cher and if he is okay. Jack reassures him that all he does is study. Gun sends a message to Cher using Jack, telling him to be okay and not too hard on himself. Cher continues with his before life, where he goes to school, game practice and studies.

We get a flashback to when Gun’s mother had called Cher out and told him to leave her son alone as he is a low life who does not deserve him. She tells Gun that she will find someone more deserving of him.

Gun meets up with Porsche, who asks him what happened. Gun explains that his last internship day was also his last day with him. He explains that he did not see any signs of him leaving him. He tells Porsche that it is true he cannot keep people in his life.

When Gun returns home, he remembers when Cher slept on the sofa, and he tried to have him go to bed. The following day in the morning, Cher dreams that Gun is waking him up; on waking up, he realizes that he misses Gun so much.

The next day at the office, Gun asks for his regular coffee. Aoi, Jack, and Ink ask themselves when Cher will return because Gun is still moody. Cher comes by the neighbourhood in the café where the barista explains that Gun has not come back for a while.

That evening in the gaming café, Three and the other friends gang up on Cher to confess his sins to them. Cher tells them that he met Gun’s mother, who had said to him that he is not good enough for Gun. He tells them he is studying and will return to Gun once he graduates.

Zo asks him if he has told Gun that, and Cher explains that he hasn’t. Cher goes on to tell Gun that he would not have been allowed to do what he is doing if he had known. Later, we see Cher looking at his results and find out he has passed.

The episode ends with Cher in his graduation gown waiting to enter Gun’s office. When Gun strolls out and finds him kneeling, everything is left wide open.

The Episode Review

Communication is vital before significant changes are made, and what Cher has done to Gun is unbecoming. Gun blamed himself for Cher, leaving, not realizing that Cher had done that himself. Cher should have explained why he needed time to study without leaving Gun alone. I really hate when characters decide to walk out without informing the other party. The episode 11 curse has struck again!

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