A Boss and a Babe – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review

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Episode 10 A Boss and A Babe begins with Gun and Cher at the police station to get Thoop. Gun sends Cher to Thoop, promising to talk to the officers in charge. Cher goes to Thoop and asks him how he ended up in jail. At first, Thoop is hesitant to explain as he is worried Cher won’t believe him.

Gun and Cher step out of the station for a while. Gun gets Cher a drink and reassures him they will do anything possible to get Thoop out of prison. Gun explains that because Thoop was found possessing drugs, getting him out on bail that day will be impossible. Gun’s lawyer will do the rest of the paperwork the following day, but they must prove his innocence.

Meanwhile, Three is goofy towards Zo while hanging out with Jack and the other friend. Jack teases Three, but Three retaliates with a phrase about karma, and we learn that Jack was hurt before, and he believes he got the karma.

That evening at the police station, Cher decides to keep Thoop company for the rest of the night, with Gun choosing to stay with him. They spend the night in Gun’s car in the parking lot. Meanwhile, Zo asks Three if he is asleep and if he will be upset if they don’t win the gaming competition. Three replies that he will be upset but not to the level of the last time.

The following day as Gun and Cher are waking up, they hear some commotion with Thoop’s father coming in to yell at Thoop, calling him a disgrace to the family. When Cher and Gun walk in, the father accuses Cher of being a bad influence on Thoop and swings his hand to hit Cher. Gun intercedes and pushes him off towards the cell with the police officers watching.

The father begins to accuse them of beating him and tells Thoop that he will rot in jail with the police officers dragging him away. Thoop shouts that he should be the one to rot in jail. Cher asks him why and Thoop reveals that Tian was a victim of sexual assault (rape) by the stepfather, this shocks Cher and he looks at Thoop’s mother, who seems lost.

Gun takes control of the situation, telling both of them that they should get some sleep that night before starting all over again the following day. Cher asks Gun if there is a way to put the father in jail for his actions. Gun explains that it will be hard because all the evidence is gone but Gun promises to talk to his lawyer about it. Thoop overhears them talking and asks if the verdict can change if there is a witness.

Gun and Cher head out to sleep. The following day at the office, Cher finds Jack and Aoi discussing plans with the rest of the team. They ask him where he has been, but Cher dodges them. During lunchtime, Cher tells Jack about Thoop, which shocks him. Cher also explains that Gun used 500K Baht to bail Thoop out. Aoi calls Jack back into the office with news that something significant has happened.

Back at the office, an article had been released stating ‘Drug Case Involving the Heir of a Major Hotel Group’ with a picture of both Gun and Cher at the police station. Aoi explains that Gun’s mother has visited and is in the office. Cher panics. Gun tries to explain to his mother that there is some misunderstanding. His mum  explains that the article has already affected them, so she asks him to let go of Cher, to which Gun refuses.

Cher comes into Gun’s office without knocking and explains that Gun did nothing wrong as he was helping. Gun’s mother stands up and tells Cher that his biggest mistake was to know Cher and asks him to leave Gun alone. Cher agrees and leaves. That evening Cher explains to his friends what had happened.

Cher tells them he feels inadequate for Gun because their lifestyle is different. Three asks Cher if he had requested Gun, how he thinks about it and if he helps him because he wants to. Gun calls Cher, and when he calls again, he hears a knock on his door and finds Cher waiting on the other side. He hugs Cher and makes him promise to fight for their love. The episode ends with Gun and Cher making love.

The Episode Review

Cher still has a few insecurities to work on and his feelings of inadequacy. This episode’s take on Tian’s sexual assault tells the story of many girls and how society perceives them. I am also angry with Tian’s mom for choosing to ignore her daughter’s plight. It is sickening that she continues to live with him even after knowing what he did.

Gun’s mother does not support her son even if she knows he is with Cher. She is going to be a thorn in this couple but I hope they face her together.

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