A Bloody Lucky Day – K-drama Episode 8 Recap & Review

A Bloody Lucky Day

Episode 8 of A Bloody Lucky Day starts with Byeong-min walking over to a man who wants to commit suicide in his car and tells him that he is the person who made him kill his family. Next, Byeong-min listens to the news about the man while he is making steak dinner for his wife. Elsewhere, Seung-hyun and Chae-ri tell Joo-hwan and his wife that they are expecting a baby and want to get married. Joo-hwan is happy about becoming a grandfather, but his wife is furious. Seung-hyun says that he will tell his father about the pregnancy news later.

Meanwhile, Oh Taek continues to stalk Byeong-min and finds his house. He also buys a car with a boot large enough to fit a man inside. Yoon Se-na has been restless since Oh Taek visited him, asking about Byeong-min. One night, after getting high, she goes to Byeong-min’s house and waits outside with a knife in hand. When Byeong-min comes out ready for the night run, Se-na tries to approach him with murderous intentions, but Oh Taek stops her just as Byeong-min’s wife joins him for the walk. Se-na passes out, and Oh Taek takes her to the hospital. 

When she wakes up, she asks about the connection between Hyuk-soo and Byeong-min. Oh, Taek’s theory is that Byeong-min is Hyuk-soo’s hidden accomplice, and in a flashback, the next scene shows two men in the different murder scenes that Byeong-min had told Oh Taek about. After leaving the hospital, Se-na asks Oh Taek to let her join his revenge plot. She says that she ran away to the United States to escape Byeong-min. She had casually told him that he wished that her father’s cat, Coco, was dead since her father loved it more than her, and the next present she got was a dead Coco in a box. She says that she still has nightmares about Byeong-min finding her and choking her to death. The only way to get rid of the nightmares is to kill Byeong-min. Oh Taek refuses to let her join the fight and asks her to stop doing drugs first if she wants to get away from Byeong-min. Oh Taek then drives to a secluded warehouse where he has clues about the cases pinned on the wall.

Joong-min visits Seung-hyun to give an update about Hyuk-soo. Seung-hyun tells him that Oh Taek is back in the country and thinks the culprit is in Korea. He also still holds that the person in his car was not Hyuk-soo. Joong-min tells Seung-hyun to live well since it is the best revenge, but Seung-hyun feels unhinged living guilt-free. Later, Chae-ri calls Oh Taek to invite him to a family dinner since they have something to tell her. 

As soon as Chae-ri and Seung-hyun arrive, Oh Taek gets a call and has to leave immediately. The call is from the police station about Se-na. She was arrested for choking someone on the streets. She explained to Oh Taek that she had suddenly seen Byeong-min on the streets, and it was the first time it had happened. She thinks it is a withdrawal symptom since she stopped taking drugs. Oh Taek gives her something to help cope with the withdrawal. 

Oh Taek gets some supplies and prepares the secret hideout for his plan. Later, he goes home and tries to invite Seung-hyun for dinner but confronts his father about what he has been up to. Oh Taek does not tell him since Seung-hyun does not believe his father like everyone else. Elsewhere, Byeong-min experiences a bloody lucky day full of fortunate events. They start with having a dream about killing all his maternal relatives, which his wife says is a sign of victory and success. Then, a visit to their doctor with his wife confirms that he is expecting a baby boy. Later, he wins the Entrepreneur of the Year award. He drops his wife at home and tells her that he will show off his awards and will be back later. 

Byeong-min visits his father at the hospital and shows him the award he won without his grandfather’s help. He gives his father the award to hold, but the man throws it on the ground, breaking it. Byeong-min gets furious and stomps out. Oh Taek joins him in the elevator, and Byeong-min panics for a second but relaxes when a nurse enters the elevator. Oh Taek stays quiet for some time before he looks back and tells Byeong-min that he remembers him as the man who murdered his daughter, but Byeong-min acts a fool. In the parking lot, Byeong-min notices Oh Taek, who follows him. He leads him to an abandoned place and reverses the situation, slamming into Oh Taek’s car, but Se-na comes to Oh Taek’s rescue. 

Oh, Taek drugs Byeong-min and takes him to the secluded warehouse. He cuts off one of his fingers like he did with Seung-mi and starts pumping out his blood. Even though Byeong-mi does not feel pain or fear, Oh Taek knows he does not want to die. He started asking him questions about him and Hyuk-soo.

We learn that the person who dated Seung-min was Hyuk-soo and not Byeong-min, which made Byeong-min angry because they had agreed to kill Seung-min, but Hyuk-soo changed his mind. Yi-deun figured out their plan, and Byeong-min tried to kill him. However, he failed, which made Hyuk-soo angry. According to Oh Taek’s deductions, Byeong-min was not creative and was just a minion since high school. In the diary, Se-na is the creative one who plans the murders, and Hyuk-soo is the creative in their partnership. Oh Taek starts to get under Byeong-min’s skin, and he tells him what happened. 

Hyuk-soo was angry that Byeong-min defied his orders and left a witness, which ruined his plans of perfect murders. He tries to kill Byeong-min by drugging him and melting him down in a machine. Hyuk-soo had then planned to smuggle out after framing Byeong-min for all the murders and kill some more people on the way to leave more evidence that Byeong-min is the serial killer. Hyuk-soo did not plan to smuggle out for real but just to let the police believe that the killer, Byeong-min, had left the country. 

Therefore, Byeong-min’s plan to pretend to smuggle was Hyuk-soo’s, and Oh Taek uses that to get further under his skin. He tells him that he wants to be Hyuk-soo, so he pretends to be him and tells him about his inferiority complex. Byeong-min admits to everything he did the day he boarded his taxi and brags that he accomplished the plan, not Hyuk-soo. He carried Hyuk-soo’s blood and sprinkled it in every scene, which is why the police only found Hyuk-soo’s DNA at the murder scenes.

Oh Taek takes a video of his confession and plans to share it with the whole world after he kills Byeong-min. He says he will cut him into pieced limb to limb and make him watch. Before he starts chopping, Byeong-min has a surprise for Oh Taek. In his pocket is a sonogram photo with the names Chae-ri and Seung-hyun on it. While Seung-hyun calls Joong-min to ask for help stopping his father from committing a murder, Byeong-min laughs like a maniac, asking Oh Taek if he wants to see his grandchild.

The Episode Review

The episode starts well with Oh Taek having the upper hand and figuring out who the person he has been looking for is, but it turns stressful at the end when Byeong-min presents him with the sonogram. When did he even get that? Has he kidnapped Chae-ri? Will Oh Taek believe him again, hoping to find Chae-ri and do his bidding? Seeing how successful and popular Byeong-min is and living a happy life is unfair, which messes with the viewers’ feelings.

Why would someone who takes other people’s lives without remorse be allowed to live happily? We are rooting for Oh Taek in the next episode, but most likely, Byeong-min might have an upper hand like he always does. 

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